Monday, October 19, 2009


What a weekend! Some very interesting football story lines forming this past Sunday.

Patriots routing the winless Titans 59-0.

The NFC bEAST was tamed with losses by the Giants, Redskins, and Eagles. Cowboys survived the bye-week without a loss.

Both the Redskins and Eagles have issues to work out. Jim Zorn has be relieved of his play calling duties in Washington, McNabb is calling timeouts that he doesn't have(more situational ineptness on his part) and the injuries are stacking up.

New Orleans appears to have their collective foot on the accelerator and ran over the Giants with ease. This could shake up the power rankings for Wednesday's show!

I went 7-8 in my noon-game picks and predict the Broncos to fall to the Chargers tonight 28-16

Big win by Houston over the Bengals, and like I said on last weeks show, I wasn't sold on their defense, and my feelings were confirmed this past Sunday.

Finally, six weeks+ in to the season, the parity among the teams in the NFL is astounding. I feel like any week, any team could lay an egg or play way above their heads and pull out an unlikely victory. Should continue to be an intriguing season!


PS. Look for the Dodgers to tie up the series 2-2 tonight. Score: 7-3 Dodgers.

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