Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning Quarterback

G'Afternoon SportsTalk fans. I'm sure everyone is still recovering from an exciting Sunday of football and baseball, unless your are from Cleveland, Miami, and Tampa as you may never recover.

This week Mike went 7 for 12 on his Sunday picks, and I went 10 for 12, and we both have the Eagles beating the Redskins tonight.

Huge impact this week on the football power rankings, as Vikings, Giants and Falcons all fall this week, and the top team(s) in the AFC continue to roll(Colts win, Broncos on bye).

BIG WEDNESDAY this week. Game 1 of the world series: NY Yankees vs Philadelphia Phillies!

But also this Wednesday, we will be on air on "Bye-Week 920" still hosted on under a slightly different channel this week only, then we will be back on our normal channel.

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