Sunday, November 8, 2009

NFL Week 9!

Welcome Sports Talk 920 fans! A great Sunday of NFL football lies ahead of us. We have 13 games this weekend including some key match-ups. Big games between Miami and New England, as well as Cowboys and Eagles and also the unbeaten take on rivals. Colts play the on-the-cusp Texans and New Orleans tries to stay perfect against NFC South rival Carolina!

Jason's NFL Pick-ems:

Falcons over Redskins

Cardinals over Bears

Ravens over Bengals

Colts over Texans

Jags over Chiefs

Patriots over Dolphins

Packers over Bucs

*Panthers over Saints *UPSET SPECIAL 31-21*

Lions over Seahawks

Chargers over Giants

49ers over Titans

*Cowboys over Eagles 38-14

*Broncos over Steelers 17-14

Michael's NFL Pick-ems:

Falcons over Redskins 28-13

Bears over Cardinals 27-24

Colts over Texans 24-17

Patriots over Dolphins 31-24

Packers over Buccs' 29-13

Jags over Chiefs 25-17

Bengals over Ravens 21-18

Saints over Panthers 30-24

Seahawks over Lions 31-20

Giants over Chargers 28-27

*Titans over 49ers 27-20 UPSET SPECIAL!!

*Cowboys over Eagles 31-24

*Steelers over Broncos 34-21

*Games picked Wednesday night on our show.

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