Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Leave Tiger Alone

With the PGA's Masters coming up, it is marking the return of Tiger Woods. It will be the first tournament he played in since his accident the day after Thanksgiving. There is one thing I am going to ask Tiger and that is go out and kick some ass. As a professional golfer thats all I can ask him to do.

With all the reports of who Tiger has slept with popping up left and right, with the latest being his 21 year old neighbor girl, many people say they are disappointed in Tiger because he failed to be a role model....REALLY? Is that what he is expected to do? You know just because you are a professional athlete who excells at your sport doesn't automatically mean you have to be a role model.

My point being is that no one should look up to Tiger squeeky clean or not and want to be exactly like him, be yourself, inspire to play like him instead. Now I am not agreeing with ANYTHING that Tiger did, cheating on your wife is wrong, but not illegal. So media people and fans, let the guy alone, let him work out his private life privately and let the man play golf.

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