Monday, June 28, 2010

Danica vs. Morgan, Just as I predicted :P

Although I didn't exactly predict what was going to happen on Saturdays Nascar Nationwide Series race at Loudon, here is a tweet I made after qualifying and before the race:

Morgan vs Danica, @st920 vs @Jeff_gluck so much on the line for todays New England 200! The only missing is the heavyweight posters #NASCAR
11:17 AM Jun 26th (Note the time was before the start of the race)

It all started when NASCAR writer for kept tweeting about how Danica Patrick was running midpack in qualifying while stating Brad Keselowski earned the pole. Me being sick of all the Danica Patrick overhype told him to start talking about other guys who run in the back of the pack like fellow Nationwide driver Morgan Shepard. Jeff did agree that Morgan would finish better than Danica and I understand he talks about her a lot because it's what that's what getting attention right now.

Anyway, I just found it funny that after all that, this is what happened early in the race:

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