Sunday, July 18, 2010

Classless Carl Once Again

It was no doubt that Brad Keslowski and Carl Edwards were the class of the field in the Missouri-Illinois Dodge Dealers 250 Nationwide Series race at Gateway, until Carl Edwards ran out of class. What looked like it was going to be a drag race to the checkard flag turned quickly when Carl intentionally turned into Brad right before the checkered flag causing a 10 car pile up.

Well at least Carl did one thing right this time, he did it for a win. My biggest problem is that Carl lies through his teeth to make himself sound like the good guy, or simply "doing what he had to do." In my mind that is total and pure bullshit. He says that Brad was the aggressor and hit him going into turn and he just reacted to that by turning him on the front stretch. Ok, Carl, you couldn't do the bump and run yourself? He also said that he wants to race Brad clean. Really? Carl it sure does seem like it when you pile drive him in the wall. He also said that Brad has to learn not to but him in bad situations, of course trying to make Brad look like the bad buy. CARL! Look at the situation that you are putting Brad, you competitors, and your teammates that were all collected in the wreck!

I think Carl is the one with aggressor problems that seems to be slowly leaking out through the years, from trying to punch Matt Kenseth in a arguement to picking on Brad Keslwoski, I think it is showing now more that even that there is way more to this roid rage hot heat that meets the eye. Like they always said actions speak louder than words and Carl Edwards actions are starting to speak of his character more than that "sexy" smile.

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