Monday, July 19, 2010

Milwaukee Brewers Don't Need Major Rebuilding

Just to start of this article I am letting everyone know I am writting this as the Milwaukee Brewers are 42-51 currently playing the Pirates with a 3-1 lead. Yes it looks like they will win, and yes it is against the lowly Pirates. Anyways I want to discuss my opinions on what moves they Brewers should make, or maybe I would like to put it....lack of moves.

As far as the guys that are who are heavy in the trade rumors; Prince Fielder, Cory Hart, and Rickie Weeks, the only guy who I would trade out of those three if it were up to me is Prince Fielder. Not so much that I would want to but out of pure necessity. There is pretty much no way that the Brewers could resign him and they might as well get something for him while they still can. The only thing that worries me about this trade as far as doing at sometime in this season is that most teams that are in the race for the post season, they don't have any dire need for the first baseman. So if they can't trade him by the end of the season I would like to see Melvin make a move before opening day 2011 or VERY early in the season.

Rickie Weeks is a guy that I would prefer to stay as well but if they do trade him I
would be ok with that as well. There are times when he is playing 2nd that I wonder what he is thinking, and the other times he looks like the best second baseman in the league. However for any lack of confidence I have for him on defense is all made up for with his heavy bat. He will be a good leader for alot of the young guys coming up ,like Escobar, and is a vital part of the hitting order as the leadoff hitter. If Weeks were to be traded my biggest concern is who would be our lead off hitter?

Cory Hart is a guy I am totally against trading. BUT if the Brewers had interest from a team that is willing to give up the farm for him you can't argue that to much. Alot of his trade value is based on his play since May of this year, but I think he has always been a very decent and for the most part dependable play with his time with the Crew. He is also a guy that wants to stay put and there is a very good chance that if they Brewers don't trade him by the end of the season, that he will be willing to resign with the Brewers without breaking the bank.

To me trading these guys and resetting the core of the Brewers would be kind of dumb. For the most part with the pitching staff needs to be groomed with the likes of Braddock, Loe, Axford and Narveson. They would have to cut ties with the veterans that are kind of dead weight like Hoffman and Hawkins. Manny Para I am kind of up in the air about because he seems like a lost cause but you can still see signs of potential. Gallardo and Bush in my eyes are guys that the Brewers need to keep for the pitching staff to move forward.

Anyways as far as the active roster I would just cut the fat rather than resetting it. To me might be the coaching staff, mainly the pitching coach. Ever since the Brewers lost Maddox after the '08 season the Brewers pitching staff has been week. So if I were Doug Melvin I would trade Fielder while I can keep Weeks and Hart, and ride the wave to the offseason and maybe try to improve my coaching staff. Hey who knows even though the Brewers are 9 games under .500 so far this season, who knows, this is baseball.....anything can happen

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