Monday, July 26, 2010

Rookie Misunderstood?

Some say that Dez Bryant refusing to carry Roy Williams pads off the field following practice this weekend was a huge thing. They say that it shows disrespect to the veterans on the team and kind of seems like that he is refusing to build chemestry with his teammates.

To me I have to agree with these people to a point, however for the most part I will have to disagree. The only reason this is anything to even right about is because it is one of the biggest named rookie receivers on one of the NFLs biggest teams. If this happened in Buffalo, Jacksonville, hell I bet even New England we would of not even known that it happened, which I am sure it does every single year.

I kind of liked it that he said he is not there to carry pads, and that he was there to concentrate on winning ball games. I know it sounds selfish, but hey he is deticated to winning, and at least he didn't say anything stupid like he wasn't going to carry pads for a guy who he is competing for a starting position over.

It also seems to me by the responses from Roy Williams that Dez Bryant is not refusing to be "hazed" by his verteran teammates but just not by carrying pads, he will make up for that in some other way. I am sure he will be paying for some expensive meals very soon. I don't think that there is a "mess" by refusing to do this other than the media poking their mics and cameras over such a silly issue, if you can even call it that.

So ease up on the kid, he has a lot of pressure being a first round draft pick for a very popular team wearing a sacrid number. There might be a reason he isn't carrying pads. He might be that deticated to over come the hype and actually have a good season as far as expectations are concerned. Thank you media outlets like ESPN to get me fired up about such a wortless topic because like Allen Iverson once said....Practice?....we talking about Practice?

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