Monday, August 16, 2010

AFC Preseason Predictions

Same as the NFC predictions, these are my preseason picks and following the NFL preseason I will revise my predictions and see how they match up!

AFC West
1.San Diego Chargers 10-6 x
2.Oakland Raiders 9-7
3.Denver Broncos 7-9
4.Kansas City Chiefs 5-11

AFC East
1.New York Jets 11-5 x
2.New England Patriots 9-7 y
3.Miami Dolphins 7-9
4.Buffalo Bills 3-13

AFC North
1.Pittsburgh Steelers 9-7 x
2.Cincinnati Bengals 8-8
3.Baltimore Ravens 8-8
4.Cleveland Browns 6-10

AFC South
1.Indianapolis Colts 13-3 x
2.Tennessee Titians 9-7 y
3.Houston Texans 8-8
4.Jacksonville Jaguars 7-9

AFC Wildcard
Titans@Steelers: Titans
Patriots@Chargers: Chargers

AFC Divisonal:
Chargers@Jets: Jets
Titans@Colts: Colts

AFC Championship:
Jets@Colts: Colts

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