Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Season 3 of Favre's Indecision gets picked up for another season

Well it's early August football fans know what the means! Training camp, fantasy football drafts, and of course another season of Favre's Indecision 2010 edition. That's right folks it looks like everybody's off season reality show makes it's 2010 debut yesterday when the reports came out that Brett Favre text teammates that he would not be returning for the 2010 NFL season because his recently operated ankle wasn't rehabbing like he had hoped it would.

So what seemed like a sure thing that he was actually done, with all of the sports analyst waiting for the official press release on, turned into doubt when Viking players denied the report and the fact that Brett Favre did what he does best kept people waiting for the press release. It never came, instead it goes back to what happens every summer, no one knows what the hell this guy is thinking! First you hear that Brett is back in Mississippi throwing balls to high school kids, waiting to see if his ankle is up to the task of another NFL season and the next you hear some people say that he is holding out to get a 3 year contract extension. Those sound like two totally opposite ideas there! Is he nervous to comeback because he's afraid he's healthy enough? Or is he feeling good enough to play another couple of seasons?

I know a lot of people will continue to follow every little thing that comes out of the Favre camp like there might be some truth to it. Some people are just plain sick of all the off season crap and even if they do want to see him play they want him to keep his mouth shut until he actually is going to pull the trigger on a decision. My personal opinion is that Favre is coming back for the 2010 season. He is still just trying to avoid training camp and rehabbing his ankle at his own pace. Favre need just to find a new way to get attention to himself because he "retired" pretty much every other way there is to retire. Favre only feels comfortable when he is making headlines....good or bad.

But I am sick of the Favre crap so I will continue to ignore it and keep watching the Brewers struggle. I am just so happy that the Packers put this problem behind it and I hope all the Viking fans who gave the Packer fans crap about our opinion changes on Favre are now getting nervous. See what it's like when he has your team by the balls? Anyways if you enjoy the Favre Indecision show sit back and enjoy because it will be about 3 weeks of limbo before he lets anyone for whats going on in his head.

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