Monday, September 13, 2010

AP College Football poll

Last weeks show both Goody and I believed that whoever won the Notre Dame/Michigan game would be ranked although we both agreed they probably wouldn't deserve it just yet. Michigan won the game on a last minute TD 28-24 and low and behold they are ranked 20th in the latest edition of the AP poll. I do not believe when a progam has won a combined 11 games in the past 3 seasons including the first 2 games of this season that they deserved to be ranked so early in the season even if it is Michigan. Take a look at Virgina Tech for example, starting the season at #10 and with Saturday's embarrassing lost to James Madison they fell completely out the of the top 25 and in my opinion should be back in anytime soon.

A few other highlights from the polls, Alabama and Ohio State remain 1 and 2 in the poll and actually pick up more votes and distance themselves from #3 Boise State. Florida fell again to #10 this week after struggling once again this week to South Florida. The ACC which had 5 teams in the Preseason Poll now only have one, Miami which is now ranked #17. Virgina Tech, Georgia Tech, and Florida State all dropped out with losses this weekend.

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