Monday, September 6, 2010

A Lesson Should Be Learned

I just got done watching the Boise St. and Virginia Tech battle tonight, and after I caught my breath for some reason I could only think of one thing....The NFL should learn a lesson from NCAA Football. With the season being on the line for both teams, escpecially for Boise State who has National Championship game hopes, it seems realy crazy that it was the first week of college football and not a bowl game. This is what is so great about college football, every teams season is on the line EVERY WEEK! With each team playing 12 regular season games it makes it very easy for college teams to feel pressure if they get even one loss. Which brings me to my main point, with the NFL wanting to go to 18 regular season games will only water down the sport in the long run. I mean come on like Rudy has said in the program before, people are already complaining when they see more of Curtis Painter under center weeks 16 and 17 rather than legendary QB Peyton Manning. I don't want to rant on this point to long but the NFL wants to unsure fans get their dollars worth by seeing starters every week of the regular season but yet want to add two more games which would more than likely make the situation worse. If they want to make the game of NFL football got back to a 14 game schedule. But the best words I heard on this situation was with a conversation with Goody Sr.....his comments are simply put: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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  1. I also forgot to say, Congrats on the victory Boise State. And thanks for always making in exciting, no matter how much some of us may doubt you!