Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Bowl Predictions

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl Thursday Dec 30.
Army 17 SMU 35

New Era Pinstripe Bowl Thursday Dec 30.
Kansas St. 29 Syracuse 27

Franklin American Mortage Music City Bowl Thursday Dec 30.
UNC 31 Tennesse 20

BridgePoint Education Holiday Bowl Thursday Dec 30.
Nebraska 35 Washington 21

Meinke Car Care Bowl Friday Dec 31.
S. Florida 26 Clemson 23

Hyundai Sun Bowl Friday Dec 31.
Notre Dame 31 Miami 21

Autozone Liberty Bowl Friday Dec 31.
C. Florida 37 Georgia 28

Chick-Fil-a Bowl Friday Dec 31.
S. Carolina 33 Florida St. 24

Ticket City Bowl Friday Dec 31.
N'Western 23 Texas Tech 28

Outback Bowl Saturday Jan 1.
Florida 29 Penn St. 21

Progressive Gator Bowl Saturday Jan 1.
Miss St. 30 Michigan 27

Capital One Bowl Saturday Jan 1.
Alabama 25 Michigan St. 31

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some early Bowl Predictions

Here as promised are some of the early week Bowl Predictions by Rudy. As promised if anyone wants to challenge myself and if you can beat me then myself and Goody will offer up some type of sports related prize for winning.

Champs Sports Bowl Tuesday Dec 28.
West Virginia-34 NC State- 17

Insight Bowl Tuesday Dec 28.
Missouri-21 Iowa-30

Military Bowl Presented By Northrop Grumman Wednesday Dec 29.
East Carolina-27 Maryland-21

Texas Bowl Wednesday Dec 29.
Illinois-28 Baylor-24

Valero Alamo Bowl Wednesday Dec 29.
Oklahoma State-49 Arizona-24

Be Careful who you cheer for part 2

Last week I misspoke on the show saying that if the Bears lost and the Eagles won that the Philadelphia Eagles would then clinch the number 2 seed in the NFC. That was a mistake on my part and instead if you are a Packer fan you then need the complete opposite to happen. Fortunately the Bears won today and if the Eagles lose on Tuesday then the Chicago Bears will clinch the number 2 seed in the NFC meaning they could virtually have nothing to play for next week vs. the Packers.
I'm not saying that I don't have faith in the Packers to beat the Bears if the Bears indeed do have to play for something all I'm saying is it would be nice especially with how beat up NFL teams get by week 17 to not have to play a team at full strength to win a game, especially one this important. It would also serve as a confidence booster for any team going in the playoffs to win, so maybe the Bears will play their starters regardless if they are playing for anything.
So if you are a Green Bay fan then the best case scenario would be Atlanta beating New Orleans and the Vikings beating the Ealges.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last weeks NFL Pick 3 picks

Rudy (27-15)
-Raiders over Broncos 28-14
-Rams over Chiefs 27-14
-Browns over Bengals 16-13

Goody (26-16)
-Chargers over 49ers 28-20
-Cowboys over Redskins 17-14
-Giants over Eagles

Jason (3-6)

Dusty (2-1)

To Start or not to Start: Not A Question

After thinking about the debate we had last night about Aaron Rodgers and if the Packers should sit him to protect him from long term damage, I felt like I had to post some more comments on the topic.

First off Rudy says that they should sit Rodgers out because the season is a lost cause, that even if they make it in they are going to be a one and done team. This may look to be true, this is the NFL anything can happen on any given Sunday. I am not going to say that the Packers could be Super Bowl bound but if they catch momentum at the right moment that's just right where they could end up, so in my mind to sit Rodgers out due to the fact that the Packers don't look as sharp right now as they may have at the begining of the year, their is still a chance that they could be sharp again and I am sure that Aaron Rodgers would want to lead them if that happens.

That leads me to another thing that got me thinking about Rudy's comments last night. Rudy says that he cares more about Rodgers health rather than two games. The thing I believe he would be singing a different tune if Rodgers suffered his second concussion back when they were 7-3, would you sit him for the year....or maybe a game...ok MAYBE two.

Last thing about Rudy caring about the long term health of Rodgers or any other player. Not saying he is wrong, I mean his heart is in the right place and all but come on man! Have you ever thought that Rodgers knows the risk and is willing pay some sort of price, this is the NFL, they don't have to ask their mothers to sign permission slips. This might be a cold hearted way to look at it but everyone who suits up in the NFL, or ANY other professional sport knows that there are risks to take and that it could effect you when you retire. Rodgers said this week that when he was away from his team that it was a glimpse of his life after football and he missed the game very much....this is a guy that wants to play now.

I know there are different circumstances with different injuries and situiations (ie the 5-9 Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo) but Rodgers wants to play now and get in the playoffs this year, like Rudy said every case is different and I feel that the doctors took a look at this situation and seen that the risk is not that much greater for a repeat concusision, so they cleared him.

So Packers fans lets just hope Rodgers and the rest of the team can stay healthy to make it to the post season, win those two games because hey it's not guarentee that you will be in this spot next year or even if they are playing football at all.....Sometimes you just have to live in the moment.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Be carefull who you cheer for?

As the Chicago Bears go into TCF Field to play the Minnesota Vikings tonight a lot of Green Bay Packers fans will be rooting for the Vikings to keep the Pack's division hopes alive, but there might be another way to look at it. I got a text last night from Sports Talk 920's co-host Rudy saying that he is going to cheer for the Bears tonight so that they lock up the division so when the Packers host the Bears in week 17 the Bears would have little to play for, giving the Packers a good chance to get the final wild card spot. Although this might be unorthodox it might not be a terrible way of looking at things, but if the Bears doesn't have the division locked up, they would likely play a lot harder and take away any chance of the Packers would have of making the post season. On the other hand it might not matter because even if they do have the division locked up they still might have something to play for, because depending on how the Eagles play in the last two weeks they might have to play their tails off to hold on to the #2 seed in the NFC playoff race. No matter who you are cheering for which way you are looking at it, sit back relax and enjoy some Monday Night Football.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Daytona's New Surface

Here is a video of Daytona's new surface and comments from Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NFL Week 14 Picks

Rudy (25-14)
-Steelers over Bengals 28-20
-Falcons over Panthers 31-17
-Browns over Bills 19-16

Goody (24-15)
-Jaguars over Raiders 24-13
-Patriots over Bears 27-19
-UPSET SPECIAL: Cowboys over Eagles 34-28

Jason (3-6)

Dusty (2-1)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Metrodome in rough shape!

With all the snow that has been dumped on in the Minnesota and Wisconsin region, the Giants vs. Vikings game that was suppose to be played today has been pushed back until Monday night and for good reason as you can see in the picture below:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 13 NFL Picks

Rudy (23-13) See Picks below

Goody (21-15)
Falcons over Buccaneers 24-13
Packers over 49ers 35-17
UPSET SPECIAL: Raiders over Chargers 23-20

Jason (3-6)

Dusty (2-1)

ARCA racing series to race at Madison in 2011

The ARCA racing series sponsored by Menards is coming back to the Madison International Speedway for the first time in years. August 26th is the date set for that race.

On a Similiar note the ASA Midwest Tour has announced their schedule as well with State Park Speedway getting a June 23rd date. For more info checkout www.asamidwestour.com

I know its only December but its never too early to start gearing up for next summers racing action.