Friday, February 18, 2011

Sportstalk 920 Nascar 2011 Pick em Challenge Rules and Regulations

For the 2011 Nascar Season we at Sportstalk 920 will be doing our weekly pick em challenge just like last year but with some rule changes. After all just like Nascar we have to change the rules every offseason. Here are the new rules:
-We will be using the same points system as Nascar will be using this year. So if you pick a driver that places 43rd then 1 point will be rewarded and if you pick a driver that finishes 2nd and leads 1 lap then 43 points will be rewarded. 48 points is the most that can be earned and 1 point is the least that can be earned.
-You can not pick a driver 2 times in a row but you can pick the same driver as many times as you want throughout the season.
-When the chase starts for those final 10 races you can not pick a driver more than once, so you must pick 10 different drivers throughout the chase.

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