Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Feature Pointless

When I first heard of the new feature that the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers were going to have at Time Warner Field in Appleton, WI, I was pumped....thrilled. The Rattlers were introducing a new feature on that allows anybody in the stands at Timer Warner Field to order food from an internet capable device right from your seat! The problem? Thats all you can do, you still have to go to the stand and pick up your order. What is the point in that? Sure you might avoid a long line in the regualar concession line but really the lines at a minor league baseball game aren't very long so to me it only really seems to save a person like 30 seconds and who's to say that the line in this pre order line will be just as long when a person's order is ready for pick up? When I first heard of the new feature I assumed that they would have someone bring your order out to you for a small fee which although lazy would make it worthwhile. Maybe that is what they have in the works, if so I am sorry to judge so quick, but if not just because you can Timber Rattlers doesn't mean it makes sense.

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