Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rudy's 10 things to Fix NASCAR the Final 5

5. NASCAR, actually follow your own decree set forth before the 2010 season that you were going to let drivers police themselves. We all know the slogan or decree that NASCAR set forth before last season started, how could you not FOX overpromoted it all last winter. Here's the problem and this goes along with NASCAR other faults to much inconsitency on what they let the drivers do and don't do whether its on or off the track. Let's face it when you are in a racecar for 400 or 500 miles during a race patience can get short and tempers do get high let the drivers let some of that frustration out. You have two cases here in the last two weeks and I will get into more of this on the show, but anyways you have KY Busch/Kevin Harvick and Ryan Newman/JPM and NASCAR has intervened both times ASAP. Don't trust your drivers NASCAR? Was the whole policing themselves a big ruse to try and gain ratings? Not to take anything away from Reagan Smiths historic night but the biggest story coming out of Darlington was the whole Kevin Harvick/KY Busch incident. If you were to ask any NASCAR fan that was a fan of the sport before 2001 they would probably tell you that the single most historic moment in NASCAR was the "fight" that happened after the 1979 Daytona 500, why because it was reality tv before reality tv and it showed just how much winning and losing means to those guys. But in today's times theres almost more NASCAR officials playing guard then there are crew members.
4. Get rid of the wave around rule, its stupid it lets too many cars back on the lead lap and to me it takes away from everything, especially at the end of the races if there are too many cars on the lead lap then strategy falls out the window because everyone will choose track position over 4 tires and what not.
3. coming soon

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