Monday, October 31, 2011

Still Waiting For The Next Generation QB To Be Elite

I remember, I was about 10 years old, hearing about this next generation QB that was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Kordell Stewart, nicknamed Slash, could do it all. Run, Punt, Catch, and pass....the next generation quarterback. Guys like this would phase out "statue" QB's. Well needless to say the only time that the Steelers went anywhere with Stewart was in his rookie season, when he was used more as a utility player rather than a QB.

On Saturday night, I was watching the Wisconsin Badgers play the Ohio State Buckeyes, hoping the Badgers would comeback after a heartbreaking loss last week vs. the Michigan State Spartans. Well needless to say that didn't happen, the Badgers lost their second straight Big Ten match up, pretty much wrecking their season that had so much promise coming into the season. The big reason there was so much hype for Bucky this year was QB Russell Wilson, a "next generation" QB that can run just as well as he can pass. Again this is all good in theory, but to me, more often than not it fails in the end.

I don't want to blame to much of the last two losses for the Badgers on Wilson, however I do have to wonder if they had a QB that was less confidence in his legs, would the Badgers offense be doing better right now? To me it seems like when the game is close, even before Wilson gets any pressure on him, he hesitates far to often in the pocket if he should stay or go. A lot of the times it leads him to scramble away from the defender and forcing him to make a last second move where he will dodge the first guy only to be met by another defender. This usually results in a sack for a forced pass either out of bounds or incomplete. (at least he doesn't force to many picks) The old generation of Badgers QB's would be a pass first and run second style QB, not so much razzle dazzle. So I might be thinking to much into it but I think if they had a less talented, more traditional QB, the Badgers would be better off. They would likely stick to their bread and butter, the run game which would help the Badgers in the field possession battle. That would very likely help their defense which isn't performing much better right at the moment.

I know some of you guys might think I am crazy. You might say look at QB's like Mike Vick, Cam Newton, or even the original running QB, Randall Cunningham. I agree these guys can be fun to watch, and every once in a while these guys will put up some pretty good numbers during a 16 game span. However the year in and year out the elite QBs are players that can stay in the pocket, and rely on their arms, and their legs to make plays for their arms. Although mobile quarterbacks are flashy and can be very exciting to watch, they are not the guys to get you the ring.


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