Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tebow Magic?

Tim Tebow lead the Denver Broncos on a crazy comeback in less than 6 minutes to go in the game trailing the 0-5 Miami Dolphins, trailing 0-15. He lead them to two touchdown drives and also converted on a two point conversion play in regulation to tie the game up. Of course in overtime the Broncos got the game winning field goal to give the Broncos the 18-15 victory to send the Dolphins to 0-6.

Was this, as what many people seem to be claiming, the second coming of christ from Mr. Tebow? HELL NO! First off I have to say I am sick of people telling me all Tebow does is win games. Well guys as a starter Tebow is 2-2, hasn't even completed 50% of his passes. Not to mention his two career wins came against a team that can't even win a game in the Dolphins and he only other one came last season to a Texans team that has vertually no pass defense.

I'm not here just to bash Tebow either, he did lead the Broncos on a nice drive of 80 yards to bring the Broncos with in 8 points of the winless Dolphins. Then their rattled opponents failed to recover the onside kick, so Tebow and the Broncos had a short field to try to tie the game. To Tebows credit he did that as well. He then led the Broncos in field goal position to win the game.

I have to give him credit for making a comeback, but in the first 55 minutes of that game he was awful! Before his two scoring drives he only completed 4 passes for most of the game. Tim Tebow may has the winning intangables that Jason and Rudy always speak of on the show, but once he plays better teams than the 0-6 Miami Dolphins, will Tebow be able the rally his team after struggling for most of the game? Their next opponent is the Detroit Lions, who will score more points than the winless Dolphins and will be a lot harder to comeback on with their stingy front defensive line.

I believe if Orton was in at QB against teh lowly Dolphins, the Broncos would of won easily with no need to take the game into overtime. I do give Tebow credit for making a comeback for saving his ass for a lot of pressure if he played that way for the full 60 minutes, but I am nowhere close to believe in Tim Tebow Magic.

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