Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sports Talk 920 Week 12 NFL Picks

Regular Games (1pt)
Rudy: Steelers over Chiefs
Bengals over Browns

Goody: Falcons over Vikings
Steelers over Chiefs

Wildcard (2pt)
Rudy: Raiders over Bears
Goody: Patriots over Eagles

Upset (2pt)
Rudy: Colts over Panthers
Goody: Dolphins over Cowboys

Thanksgiving Games (1pt)
Rudy: Packers over Lions
Goody: Ravens over 49ers

Rudy: 35pt
Gooody: 26pts

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chargers Season Gets Embarrassing

The San Diego Chargers lost their 6th consecutive game toady vs the Denver Broncos 16-13 in overtime. For a team that started out the season as favorites to walk away with the division, and for some to even make it to the Super Bowl. After their embarrassing play on the field, maybe the most embarrassing moment actually happened off the field....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sports Talk 920 NFL Week 11 Picks

Regular Games (1pt)
Rudy: Patriots over Chiefs
49ers over Cardinals

Goody: Patriots over Chiefs
Lions over Panters

Wildcard (2pt)
Rudy: Browns over Jaguars
Goody: Bills over Dolphins

Upset (2pt)
Rudy: Redskins over Cowboys
Goody: Eagles over Giants

Rudy: 30pt
Gooody: 21pts

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em Drivers and Standings for Homestead

Sports Talk 920 would like to congratulate 2011 Sprint Cup Champion Tony Stewart, and of course our Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em series champion Goody Sr!


Goody Sr.- #11 Denny Hamlin
Dan- #56 Martin Truex Jr.
Rudy- #16 Greg Biffle
Fan Pick- #29 Kevin Harvick
Goody- #43 AJ Allmendinger
Jason- #13 Casey Mears
Allan- #14 Tony Stewart
Lucas- #34 David Gilliland
Jimmie- #47 Bobby Labonte
Smith- #20 Joey Lagano


1. Goody Sr.- 1245pts 5 wins, 14 top fives, 19 top tens
2. Dan- 1204pts 2 wins, 12 top fives, 23 top tens (-41)
3. Fan Pick- 1165pts 3 win, 8 top fives, 17 top tens (-80)
4. Goody- 1148pts 2 wins, 9 top fives, 20 top tens (-97)
5. Rudy- 1140pts 3 win, 14 top fives, 18 top tens (-105)
6. Allan- 1071pts 3 win, 8 top fives, 12 top tens (-174)
7. Jason- 1061pts 1 win, 7 top five, 15 top tens (-184)
8. Lucas- 957pts 1 win, 9 top fives, 14 top tens (-398)
9. Jimmie- 847pts 1 win, 6 top fives, 10 top tens (-380)
10. Smith- 566pts 1 wins, 4 top fives, 5 top tens (-679)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Wrong With Skip Bayless?

Occasionally I like to DVR ESPN's First Take and watch it when I get home from work. Sometimes they have good debates on the show, and since Sports Talk 920's slogan is "Internet Worthy Debate" I feel like I can pick up a few pointers from the show.

There are a few things spoken by their headline debater Skip Bayless that makes me scratch my head.

First of, and being a Packer fan, I may be biased by this topic but it's his feeling towards Aaron Rodgers. I can understand his argument for taking Tom Brady over Rodgers at this point in their careers, but sometimes I think he says stupid things about ARodg just because people disagree with him. Back in week 1 Skip gave Rodgers a B grade for Rodger's performance vs. the Saints because he didn't give a full 4 quarters of football in a win. While Mr. Double Standard later gave one of his few man crushes, Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, a grade of a C- for his performance vs. the Detroit Lions were Romo only played 2 good quarters and the last 2 he threw away the win with 3 picks.

With talk like that, I can't believe Skip was offended when Rodgers told the local media that Skip says things for the shock factor. Maybe Skip has been playing the shock factor to long that he actually believes some of the stupid things he says.

One of the other arguments is about his other man crush, Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow. Skips claim is Tim Tebow is a winner. I still say that 4-3 is better than Orton, but come on...it's no where close to what you would want from a first round draft pick after a season and a half. When Skip tries to defend Tebows passing abilities he always brings up his performance against the 6-10 Texans last season, a team with one of the worst pass defenses in the league last year. That may be some what of a solid argument, however it bugs me when he rips of Ravens QB Joe Flacco, some people bring up his performance against the Texans defense this year to defend him, Skip will dismiss it because "it's the Texans." Why is it valid for one QB but not the other....hmmm...

I wish just once I could get a chance to debate with Skip. I would love to point out some of the flaws in his arguments with his man crushes that the other ESPN First Take debaters are usually to afraid to call him out on. Now not to say the Skip is not an educated man when it comes to sports, but when he has a man crush on a player or team he just goes wack-o.

Since Skip is a master of nicknames I will give him one. Skip "Please Sayless"


Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em Drivers and Standings for PIR


Goody Sr- #22 Kurt Busch
Dan-#29 Kevin Harvick
Goody- #17 Matt Kenseth
Fan Pick- #24 Jeff Gordon
Rudy- #39 Ryan Newman
Jason- #18 Kyle Busch
Allan- #48 Jimmie Johnson
Lucas- #32 Mike Bliss
Jimmie- #34 David Gilliland
Smith- #35 Dave Blaney


1. Goody Sr.- 1210pts 5 wins, 14 top fives, 18 top tens
2. Dan- 1162pts 2 wins, 12 top fives, 23 top tens (-48)
3. Rudy- 1130pts 3 win, 14 top fives, 18 top tens (-80)
4. Fan Pick- 1128pts 3 win, 8 top fives, 16 top tens (-82)
5. Goody- 1119pts 2 wins, 9 top fives, 20 top tens (-93)
6. Jason- 1043pts 1 win, 7 top five, 15 top tens (-167)
7. Allan- 1024pts 2 win, 7 top fives, 11 top tens (-186)
8. Lucas- 945pts 1 win, 9 top fives, 14 top tens (-265)
9. Jimmie- 830pts 1 win, 6 top fives, 10 top tens (-380)
10. Smith- 541pts 1 wins, 4 top fives, 5 top tens (-669)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sports Talk 920 Week 10 NFL Picks

Regular Games (1pt)
Rudy: Pakcers over Vikings
Texans over Buccaneers

Goody: Eagles over Cardinals
Ravens over Seahawks

Wildcard (2pt)
Rudy: Bears over Lions
Goody: Packers over Vikings

Upset (2pt)
Rudy: Broncos over Chiefs
Goody: Patriots over Jets

Rudy: 26pt
Gooody: 17pts

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sports Talk 920 NFL Week 9 Picks

Regular Games (1pt)
Rudy: Texans over Browns
Cowboys over Seahawks

Goody: Falcons over Colts
Cowboys over Seahawks

Wildcard (2pt)
Rudy: Cardinals over Rams
Goody: Steelers over Ravens

Upset (2pt)
Rudy: Jets over Bills
Goody: Bengals over Titans

Rudy: 20pt
Gooody: 13pts

Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em Drivers and Standings for Texas


Goody- #17 Matt Kenseth
Dan- #2 Brad Keslowski
Goody- #9 Marcos Ambros
Fan Pick- #4 Kasey Kahne
Rudy- #14 Tony Stewart
Jason- #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Allan- #16 Greg Biffle
Lucas- #38 Travis Kvapil
Jimmie- #36 Geoffery Bodine
Smith- #71 Andy Lally


1. Goody Sr.- 1187pts 5 wins, 14 top fives, 18 top tens
2. Dan- 1137pts 2 wins, 12 top fives, 23 top tens (-50)
3. Fan Pick- 1116pts 3 win, 8 top fives, 16 top tens (-71)
4. Goody- 1108pts 2 wins, 9 top fives, 20 top tens (-79)
5. Rudy- 1091pts 3 win, 13 top fives, 17 top tens (-96)
6. Jason- 1035pts 1 win, 7 top five, 15 top tens (-152)
7. Allan- 994pts 2 win, 7 top fives, 11 top tens (-193)
8. Lucas- 931pts 1 win, 9 top fives, 14 top tens (-256)
9. Jimmie- 817pts 1 win, 6 top fives, 10 top tens (-370)
10. Smith- 524pts 1 wins, 4 top fives, 5 top tens (-663)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Saturday Overdrive

Starting tomorrow morning at 10:30am Central Sports Talk 920 is going to feature a new show: Sports Talk 920 Saturday Overdrive! A few Saturdays a month we will have this show to further discuss topics from Tuesday nights show, along with other news in the sports world. We will be also breaking down some matchups for the weekend that's ahead. Check out Sports Talk 920 Saturday Overdrive at http://blogtalkradio.com/sportstalk920 and feel free to participate in our show by calling in at 646-381-4553.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Los Angeles Vikings Makes Sense

Although in the last 24 hours Viking fans in Minnesota went from getting damn near ready to watch the ship sail away to Los Angeles, to now having them stay even being more of a possibility, the more I think about it the more the move to Los Angeles would make sense. Now I do have to say, as I said many times on Sports Talk 920, I love to hate me some Vikings and for that reason I don't want to see them move. However there are a lot of reasons that the move makes a perfect sense for both cities.

First of the Minnesota Vikings have been trying to get a new stadium built for about 10 years now, since the Metrodome is turning into a dump. Every time they have proposed a bill to build a new stadium it has been turned down. It seems to me that although I think a lot of Vikings fans want a new stadium, they are not ready and not die hard enough to take the hit to build a new venue. Their last hope is that the gaming revenue idea works out, and this isn't a new idea for them, I hope that will pan out for them. The other reason is that like I said before they are not as die hard enough to keep the revenue coming in. Even though they have "sold out" every game since 1997, a lot of games needed extensions or companies to buy the remaining tickets to avoid a blackout. I almost forgot to mention back in Jan 2009 they needed several extensions to sellout their Wildcard game against the Eagles. Also after their magical 2009 season, and narrow miss of the Super Bowl, the Vikings needed help selling tickets by packaging together. Say if you wanted to buy a ticket for the game vs. the Green Bay Packers, you would also have to bundle that for games vs. the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills. Last thing I will mention about their sellouts is that say when they played the Green Bay Packers, especially when they were mediocre to bad, the Metrodome turned into LambeauDome, selling a lot of seats to the opposing team.

In 2010 according to Forbes.com the Vikings ranked 30th in revenue and were ranked 31st in net revenue. A move to Los Angeles, the second biggest market in the United States, would help them a ton more than building a new stadium in Minnesota would be. Los Angeles has been hungry for another NFL team after they lost both the Rams and the Raiders back in 1995. I think that if the Vikings would move to LA it would be wiser for them rather than getting the Chargers or even the Rams back in town. The Vikings brand and decent winning ways would bring a fresh perspective to fans in SoCal. Even if they would need to use a lot of the sames tricks to sellout their games I think it would be easier to get their fairweahterer's out of the woodshed, and if that failed, easier for division rival fans would more than likely rather travel to see their team play in LA than they would in Minnesota even with a new stadium in the land of lakes.

My prediction would be that if the Vikings did make the move to Los Angeles, Minnesota would be in line to get another team when they are ready to build a new stadium. If the moved happened the LA Vikings would move to the NFC West with the St Louis Rams leaving that division and making the switch to the NFC North. With the same problems in St. Louis, when the time came, they would make the move into the new Minnesota stadium. I know it wouldn't be their semi beloved Vikings, but I guess you guys would get a NFL team back in the state.

Regardless of how much the Viking deserve to move to LA, I would hate to see it, and thankfully due to the gaming money revenue there seems to be a brighter light that the team I love to hate will stay in the state were I would like to hate them more.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sports Talk 920 Midseason NFL Awards

Well, week 8 of the NFL is now complete. That means its already halfway through the season! Feels like we just got started, it's crazy. Anyway here is Sports Talk 920's midseason NFL awards.

MVP: Aaron Rodgers QB, Green Bay Packers- Aaron is hot so far. What else is there to say. He has lead his Packers to a 7-0 start, passing for a league leading 20 touchdowns. Rodgers has completed 71.5 percent of his passes and has a quarterback rating of 125.7, both are also leading the league thus far. The craziest thing about his NFL leading quarterback rating, is that the closest guy to him is Tom Brady with a 104.4, which is something to write home about as well. Rodgers is also playing mistake free football, only throwing three interceptions and two of them were balls that bounced out of the receivers hands.

Offensive Player of the Year: Calvin Johnson WR, Detroit Lions- The man with a badass nickname, Megatron! He is a vital part of there 6-2 start, he lead the league in receiving touchdowns with 11. Johnson also has 804 yards after 8 games averaging 100.5 yards per game. There is no doubt he is helping his young quarterback, Matt Stafford, in becoming on of the more potent offenses in the league.

Defensive Player of the Year: Eric Weddle FS, San Diego Chargers- Not many things are going well right now for the Chargers, but Weddle isn't one of them! Weddle has defended 11 passes, and is tied for Green Bay Packers CB Charles Woodson in interceptions with 5. He is the major part of the reason why this secondary has allowed the third fewest yards passing so far this season.

Coach of the Year: Jim Harbaugh, San Fransico 49ers- After a disapointing 6-10 season last year, the newly hired Harbaugh as added fire and energy to this team. After only 7 games they have matched their win total of last season starting out 6-1. Although the 49ers play in a weak division they have beat teams like the Eagles, Buccaneers, and Lions so far this season. Harbaugh has also lead his team to a top 10 offense rated 6th, and in the top 5 defense rated 3rd.

Rookie of the Year: Andy Dalton QB, Cinncinatti Bengals Sorry Cam, I just can't do it. There is one HUGE factor in football, and that is winning games. I know, Dalton is way under performing Panthers rookie quarterback, Cam Newton, besides in completion percentage. I just feel that Dalton help lead his team to a 5-2 start is huge, especially after they were expected to be one of the worst teams in the league.

Comeback Player of the Year: Matthew Stafford QB Detroit Lions- After missing 19 games in his first 2 seasons, Stafford is quickly becoming a hot NFL quarterback. After 8 games he has thrown for 19 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions. With him finally healthy the Lions are off to their best start in a long time at 6-2.