Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Wrong With Skip Bayless?

Occasionally I like to DVR ESPN's First Take and watch it when I get home from work. Sometimes they have good debates on the show, and since Sports Talk 920's slogan is "Internet Worthy Debate" I feel like I can pick up a few pointers from the show.

There are a few things spoken by their headline debater Skip Bayless that makes me scratch my head.

First of, and being a Packer fan, I may be biased by this topic but it's his feeling towards Aaron Rodgers. I can understand his argument for taking Tom Brady over Rodgers at this point in their careers, but sometimes I think he says stupid things about ARodg just because people disagree with him. Back in week 1 Skip gave Rodgers a B grade for Rodger's performance vs. the Saints because he didn't give a full 4 quarters of football in a win. While Mr. Double Standard later gave one of his few man crushes, Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, a grade of a C- for his performance vs. the Detroit Lions were Romo only played 2 good quarters and the last 2 he threw away the win with 3 picks.

With talk like that, I can't believe Skip was offended when Rodgers told the local media that Skip says things for the shock factor. Maybe Skip has been playing the shock factor to long that he actually believes some of the stupid things he says.

One of the other arguments is about his other man crush, Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow. Skips claim is Tim Tebow is a winner. I still say that 4-3 is better than Orton, but come's no where close to what you would want from a first round draft pick after a season and a half. When Skip tries to defend Tebows passing abilities he always brings up his performance against the 6-10 Texans last season, a team with one of the worst pass defenses in the league last year. That may be some what of a solid argument, however it bugs me when he rips of Ravens QB Joe Flacco, some people bring up his performance against the Texans defense this year to defend him, Skip will dismiss it because "it's the Texans." Why is it valid for one QB but not the other....hmmm...

I wish just once I could get a chance to debate with Skip. I would love to point out some of the flaws in his arguments with his man crushes that the other ESPN First Take debaters are usually to afraid to call him out on. Now not to say the Skip is not an educated man when it comes to sports, but when he has a man crush on a player or team he just goes wack-o.

Since Skip is a master of nicknames I will give him one. Skip "Please Sayless"


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