Tuesday, December 20, 2011

PANIC! The Packers Lost

Look out everybody the Packers lost! JUMP SHIP! JUMP SHIP!

Ok now step back off that ledge for a second, I know the Packers first loss in almost exactly a calender year wasn't pretty, but please catch your breath and hear me out for a second. The Green Bay Packers are still a very good team....more than likely still the best team.

I know there isn't any such thing as a good loss, but the way the Packers have seemed to be playing bored the past couple of weeks (seeming like they weren't even being challenged on a weekly basis) this could very well be like the Tampa Bay game back in 09. I feel it will wake the team up and make them realize that they are not invincible and if you don't take every opponent seriously it can comeback to bite you in the ass. Also now that they have finally got a loss on the season they can now focus on the ultimate goal....the Super Bowl.

Some of your out there may say, Well Goody! If the Packers play like that the next two weeks they won't be the hot team going into the playoffs like last season. I do agree, as I said many times on Sports Talk 920, that having the momentum going into the playoffs is huge. Remember though next week is a different week, and I don't think the Packer players are just rolling over into the post season. There are two weeks left to go here for the Packers to shore up their problems, and they will be playing their asses off to keep the Bears out, and preventing the Lions to have any momentum if they clinch a playoff spot before they meeting week 17.

Plus just look at last season too....when did they start getting hot? Week 16! What week are we heading into next....week 16...hmmm, seems like there is plenty of time to right this "wrecking ship"

I believe that too many Packer fans forgot what it is like to lose a game. (it was kinda weird to get that feeling back, but I'm a Dale Jr. fan so I do get used to it) The old cliche says "On any given Sunday" meaning any teams can beat any team. I mean the Chiefs are paid professionals too.

I can't argue with those pessimistic fans that the Packers look like total crap on both sides of the ball, which is why I think it may have been better for them that they did lose that game because if they somehow comeback and won it I don't think the message of "WAKE UP PACK" would of hit them as hard as it is going to hit them this weeks preparing for the Bears. That whys sometimes a loss can be turned into a positive especially a team that looked like they were going to start to sleep walk to the post season. I think the Chiefs just dumped the bucket of water on them.

Now there is some cause of concern after Sundays game, and that's the injuries to the offensive line and the drops by the receivers. The drops are a big reason why they couldn't keep up in the game and it worries me that for the second time in three weeks the wide outs and tight ends seemed to have had this problem, but revert to the wake up call on why that doesn't have me jumping ship. The injuries to the offensive line may be the real issue, but really this worry moving forward could of happened just as easy in a Packers victorious blowout. So going back to the "We have a whole week to work Dietrech-Smith in at guard and Lang at tackle" eases my mind a little, getting Bulaga back would ease it a whole lot!

Just remember Packer fans just because we got a goose egg taken off of our record doesn't mean we are 1-13, we are 13-1, we have been in this position before, we will be alright.


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