Friday, February 17, 2012

All They Do Is Go Left

It seems every time I try to show my NASCAR pride, or every time I see NASCAR on TV out it public there always seems to be that one person who just doesn't get NASCAR and udders out the most annoying most cliche words "But all they do is go in circles and turn left." Ok yeah this is a simple fact about NASCAR racing, there is actually a lot more too it than that, but if you break down any sport into it's most simple form I bet I can make it sound silly too. So with out further ado, I will take a crack at it.

Football: 22 guys on a field 11 of them trying to move the ball to one end of the field, while the other 11 try to stop them or take it away. Sounds interesting doesn't it?

Basketball: Giant me trying to shoot a orange ball in a tiny hoop, sometimes they hop and place it in the hoop by hand. HELL sign me up!

Hockey: A Bunch of guys skating on ice chasing a piece of round rubber and try to get it in a net. I want all in!

Golf: A guy hitting a white ball with a stick to try to get it in a hole. Do I have you attention?

Baseball: A person tries to hit a ball where no one will catch it and run in a diamond. Hmmm....what?

Once you break down some of the sports you love to their simplest forms they either seem pointless or not very interesting at all. There are many reasons why some sports call out to us, and why some are boring to us. But all sports have one thing in common and that is the competition. So next time you try ripping on a sport with a good ol cliche, remember competition is one common thing that drives us all.

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