Monday, February 20, 2012

The Amazing Kyle Busch

The two saves that we seen from Kyle Busch in the Budweiser Shootout are arguably the two best saves in NASCAR history. It seems to have made Dale Earnhardt's pass in the grass mere child's play. Just imagine Kyle Busch's saves came on the same night, and not only did the make the saves he still drove the car into victory lane. So now I guess the biggest question remains is what does that mean for Kyle Busch from here on out?

First off it seems many people think that this will carry momentum into the season to get on his way for his first Sprint Cup Title. If it took Saturday nights performance to prove that Ky is one of the most talented drivers, then I think frankly you hate has blinded you. No one seems to remember the similar save he made in last years Talladega race before eventually getting wreck out of the race. As much of you wouldn't like to admit, but even before last Saturday, Busch was going to be a contender in pretty much every race this season....his talent stock shouldn't of gone up or down not matter the result of the Budweiser Shootout.

The main point of why I still won't buy Busch's stock for winning a championship still has nothing to do with his driving talent but all to do with his attitude. Just imagine if there were actually 43 cars out there instead of 25 cars, and while he was trying to make his spectacular save he got hit by another car? He would probably turn into the same ol Kyle and whine and complain on why things didn't go his way. Remember how I thought Kurt Busch, his own flesh and blood, was a changed man after being under pressure all last season from Penske. Well I am not going to fall for that again!

The only way I could see myself being wrong, and this could be a very plausible scenario, is that after his great saves the jeers he normally gets will start turning into cheers. The similar thing that happened to Dale Earnhardt after the famous pass in the grass (or maintain the lead in the grass, but that doesn't sound as cool). I think that even though Ky like to play the bad guy, the constant crap he gets from the fans goes straight to his head. I know that those spectacular saves he made on Saturday were some of the greatest in NASCAR history, and the fact that he is the most talented drivers on the Sprint Cup circut if not the world right now. But the X factor remains, can his head stay clear of his talent to be the one celebrating at Homestead.

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