Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Give Colt One More Shot

It's that time of year again. Football season is over and the next thing fans have to look forward to is the draft in April. Now is the time where people try to play the role of general manager, predicting what moves will be made or just lobbying on what moves their favorite teams should make. One that seems to be popular is that the Cleveland Browns look to replace quarterback Colt McCoy by drafting Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III. I might be in the minority here but I think they should not only wait to get another QB but if they do RGIII might even be a bad choice for the team.

First off I say give Colt one more shot to prove he is an NFL quality quarterback. Even though many predicted the Browns were predicted by many to have a mediocre year it didn't happen and the team ended up 4-12. However if you look at the AFC North, the majority of their schedule, all the other teams (Bengals, Steelers, Ravens) made it to the post season this year. Colt went into this season after starting 8 games in 2010 looking to improve, and I believe for the most part he did that without having the benefit of a full offseason to get comfortable in the west coast offense. Given the chance he could still have a shot to be a viable piece for this team.

Finally I am not sure that RGIII would be a good fit for the Browns. With the team running a west coast offense it usually doesn't work well for a running QB. I know he can also throw the ball but RGIII would be better off in a spread out offense which the Browns just don't have the talent to pull off.

If I were Holmgren I wouldn't waist mine or RGIII's time and stay away from each other come April. Since being a fan GM is a common thing going on, I will put my two cents in and say keep the young QB you have now and beef up the offensive line so Joe Thomas doesn't have to do all the work. So in the end I say don't give up so easy and give Colt one more SHOT!

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