Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Goody's Top 5 Places if I were Peyton

The Hunt of Peyton Manning has been on for a little over a week, and there seem to be many "hot spots" on where he will land next. Out of the teams that are interested/in need of a QB, these are my top 5 spots that I would go if I had all the options that he seems to have at this time.

5. Miami Dolphins: I originally had them higher on my list even after the Dolphins traded Marshall to the Bears. However when Garcon signed with the Redskins and Wayne resigning with the Colts, it makes me wonder....who are they going to get for Manning to throw to?

4. Arizona Cardinals: Him being on the same team as Fitzgerald would be pretty nuts! The only bad thing is that they have a lot tied into Kevin Kolb, and even though it's a fairly easy division they still have to best the 49ers who made it to the NFC Championship game last season.

3. Tennessee Titans: I'm sure Bud Adams will do whatever it takes to get Manning on his teams, even if that means Manning "taking control" like he did in the Caldwell days with the Colts. The only down side is that the Titans already have two decent QBs in Hasselback and Locker, and do they want to give up on Locker so soon?

2. Denver Broncos: The only team that is on his current radar that made it to the post season. They have a young up and coming defense that had to play out of their minds to keep them in games with the low scoring QB they currently have, and imagine how those young WR will look when they actually have a QB who can throw the back with pin like their potent running game will be opened up more. Might be a good choice while a lot of the other teams in the AFC West are still making the upward climb.

1. San Francisco 49ers: This is team didn't talk to Manning at this time, but Peyton is willing to talk to other teams that he hasn't met with already. 49ers have a excellent defense and running game, after making it to the NFC Championship game last season it appears the only piece this team needs is a game changing QB. Manning would be a much better option to win now before you tie even more money into Alex Smith and watch the Cardinals, Rams and Seahawks pass you by over the next couple of years.

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