Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hit The Road Kurt

James Finch might have some serious thinking to do. His driver Kurt Busch has been suspended after an altercation with a pit reporter after the Nationwide race at Dover last Saturday. So sometime this week Finch and Busch will have a serious meeting this week in regards to Busch's future with the James Finch Racing Team. In my mind it's a no brainer, Kurt Busch has got to hit the road. Here are some bullet points on my reasoning's!

  •  Just half a year after getting fired with Penske for a similar incident, it proves that he is way to far away from being a changed man
  • He had been notoriously hard on his crew members in the past, so why put your guys through that?
  • If you seen in that picture, the car has no decals on it. And continuing having an ass drive your car is unlikely to change that
  • Busch is too talented to be in that car, so many times it puts him in the situation to where he has to overdrive the car and either blow something up or wreck it.
  • It seems at every point in Kurt's career it came with some baggage; a feud with other drivers, getting nailed for drunk driving while having a alcoholic sponsor, trouble with the crew, and the media
  • Kurt only planned to be with the team for this season only, Finch tried, and it's clearly not worth the headache.

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