Monday, June 11, 2012

Pitting it Safe

After having one of the more dominate cars on Sunday at Pocono, Dale Earnhardt Jr's winless streak continues at 143 races. Noticed how I said winless streak and not losing streak like some others might say....first off it's not a win or lose sport like it is when only two teams play like in all other ball and stick sports.

But on Monday on thing can be debated, should of Dale Jr. pitted with 22 laps to go while having one of the fastest cars on the track? Many think he NEEDS to break this winless steak as soon as possible and gamble, while others (like myself) still say that there is a bigger picture than just winning and that's securing a spot on this years Chase for the Cup.

Don't get me wrong I would love to see that winless streak end, but not being a fair weather fan or media member, I know that racing is one sport that has a bigger picture than winning a race or two. The way Jr. is running so far this season he needs to continue to put himself in position to lock himself in the top 10 guaranteeing him a spot in the Chase. With the gamble being a big one, if he would of ran out of fuel at the end of the race he could of ended up as bad as 28th, only 47 points out of 10th. That might seem like a lot but after watching Jr. over the years this is the part of the schedule that he really struggles, take the 10 tens while you can, running out of fuel could be a momentum breaker for that 88 team. If he would of ran out while running in the top 3 it would of been like last year at the Coke 600, while leading, the media and fans would second guess if he can return to victory lane. I think an 8th place finish with a fast car looks better than a 28th place finish with an almost and a fast car.

I think once we go to some of these tracks for a second time will be where Jr. and Letarte will take some chances to get some checkered flags. When they go to Pocono again in August and baring Jr. is still running as consistent as he is currently, if put in the same situation, he would more than likely go for the checkered flag.

It seems that the only ones that are hung up on the winless streak are the Jr. haters and the media that doesn't follow the sport on a week to week basis. If Jr. keeps this momentum he will return to victory lane and when he does the wins will come in bunches.

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