Sunday, September 2, 2012

Off Wisconsin

Then Wisconsin Badgers opened up their 2012 football season against the Division 1AA Northern Iowa Panthers.  The Badgers did squeak out a victory in pathetic fashion, by a final score of 26-21. With the schedule only getting harder from here the Badgers need to pick it up quickly or it may be a long season for Wisconsin Badger Fans.

Head Coach Bret Bielema seems to be more worried about his running back Monte Ball winning the Heisman than running a functioning offense.  It seemed like the Badgers were very predictable when giving Monte Ball 32 times for 120 yards, only averaging 3.8 yards a carry.  James White only got the ball 9 times for 47 yards, and many times seemed like a better option than Ball in this game, I think if they would of went his way more it would of helped open up the running game a little more than it did. 

The Badgers didn't seem to feel very comfortable with their new QB Danny O'Brien, and I have no idea why.  O'Brien went 19 for 23 and a couple of his incompletions were drops or the receiver losing his footing, he seemed to be very comfortable in his new offense.  With most defenses locking their eyes on Monte Ball this season, they might need to do some QB roll outs which would have seemed to have worked on every play action in yesterday's game.  One thing that made last year's Badgers offense so tough is that they had a balanced offense, I think O'Brien gets used more in the passing game the offense will be alright.

Their defense played 2 3/4 good quarters but, like we seen in the 2012 Rose Bowl, have some weaknesses. The Badgers defense looks a lot like the Packers defense of last year, a lack of a pass rush and weak coverage from the secondary. If it wasn't for an Ethan Hemer tipped ball on 4th down last in the 4th quarter, we might not see the Badgers at 1-0 right now. Linebacker Mike Taylor seems to have trouble picking up his coverage assignments, getting burned a couple of times on big plays.  Badgers fans can only hope that the defense improves from here and that it's performance vs. UNI was just working the rust off.

The Badgers have a ton of improving to do if they expect to get to their 3rd straight Rose Bowl appearance. Bielema says this team isn't the sexiest team but they get the W's, well that won't happen if they keep playing like they did Saturday. Step it up Badgers or it will be an off year for Wisconsin.

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