Monday, October 29, 2012

AFC Midseason Predictions

AFC East

1. New England Patriots 10-6x
2. Miami Dolphins 9-7
3. Buffalo Bills 6-10
4. New York Jets 6-10

AFC North

1. Baltimore Ravens 11-5x
2. Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5y
3. Cincinnati Bengals 7-9
4. Cleveland Browns 3-13

AFC South

1. Houston Texans 12-4x
2. Indianapolis Colts 9-7y
3. Tennesse Titans 6-10
4. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-13

AFC West

1. Denver Broncos 11-5x
2. Oakland Raiders 8-8
3. San Diego Chargers 7-9
4. Kansas City Chiefs 4-12

x-division winner y-wild card

Wild Card Round:
Broncos over Colts
Patriots over Steelers

Divisional Round:
Patriots over Texans
Broncos over Ravens

Championship Game:
Broncos over Patriots

-Tomorrow I will make my midseason predictions for the NFC! Be sure to tune in tomorrow nights episode of Sports Talk 920 as I will make my midseason prediction of the Super Bowl.

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