Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em Standings after the Daytona 500

1. Ms Rudy- 47pts 1 win, 1 top five, 1 top ten (1st)
2. Goody- 42pts 0 wins, 1 top five, 1 top ten (2nd) -5pts
3. Goodsie- 40pts 0 wins, 1 top five, 1 top ten (5th) -7pts
4. Big Al- 38pts 0 wins, 0 top fives, 1 top ten (6th) -9pts
5. Monson- 34pts 0 wins, 0 top fives, 0 top tens (11th) -13pts
6. Lucas- 31pts 0 wins, 0 top fives, 0 top tens (14th) -16pts
7. Flora- 10pts 0 wins, 0 top fives, 0 top tens (34th) -37pts
8. Rudy- 9pts 0 wins, 0 top fives, 0 top tens (37th) -38pts
9. Fan Pick- 6pts 0 wins, 0 top fives, 0 top tens (38th) -41pts
10. Jimmie- 3pts 0 wins, 0 top fives, 0 top tens (41st) -44pts
11. Goody Sr.- 2pts 0 wins, 0 top fives, 0 top tens (42nd) -45pts

(x)- signifies the competitors worst finish in line for the mulligan

Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em Challenge Picks for Daytona

Big Al- #16 Greg Biffle
Goody Sr.- #29 Kevin Harvick
Goody- #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Goodsie- #39 Ryan Newman
Rudy- #20 Matt Kenseth
Lucas- #11 Denny Hamlin
Flora- #18 Kyle Busch
Monson- #15 Clint Bowyer
Ms. Rudy- #48 Jimmie Johnson
Jimmie- #14 Tony Stewart
Fan Pick- #38 David Gilliland

2013 Rules Changes: 
-At the end of the "regular" season (first 26 races) each competitor will have their worst finish wiped off their points.

-During the Chase, if a competitor picks a guy that is outside the top 20 in the standings and that driver finishes in the top 10 then the competitor get a 50% points boost from what the driver would earn in that race. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Goody's 2013 NASCAR Chase Prediction

12. #99 Carl Edwards- He really needs to bounce back after having a winless and rough 2012, I see baby steps for the man that just 2 seasons ago lost the championship on a tiebreaker

11. #29 Kevin Harvick- Well Harvick wants to leave RCR with a bang. I just don't see that happening. Maybe a couple strong months during the regular season but when it starts to focus on the Chase and moving on without Harvick, the team will sink.

10. #11 Denny Hamlin- With Kenseth being added to JGR, it seems like Hamlin might be playing 3rd fiddle for the team despite him being the best guy on the team for some time now.

9. #15 Clint Bowyer- 2012 was a career year for Bowyer and MWR for that matter. In 2013 things will be brought back down to earth for the team.

8. #18 Kyle Busch- I think last season proved it to me, Kyle Busch is a talented driver but with his attitude will never propel him to a championship. You will see in the first 26 races and think that he proved me wrong, but when the pressure starts look for Busch to fade from the mix once again.

7. #24 Jeff Gordon- Gordon closed out the 2012 season on a strong note after it started out disastrous. There won't be any nail biting moments for Gordon getting in the Chase this year.

6. #5 Kasey Kahne- His first season with Hendrick started out pretty shaky, but ended up with a top 5 finish in the point standings, I see Kahne struggling less but in the end not quite equal the finish to last year.

5. #88 Dale Earnhardt- Last year would of been a true rebounding year for Earnhardt Jr. but the concussion he suffered put a damper on that. Now he loves how the Gen 6 car drives and I look for him to bounce back to the Jr. of old.

4. #14 Tony Stewart- Last year Stewart seemed to struggle a bit after winning the championship back in 2011.  I think this can be blamed as an adjustment period with new crew chief Steve Addington, look for them to work out the kinks and have a stronger 2013 season.

3. #20 Matt Kenseth- After leaving the only team he has ever know in his Sprint Cup career, Kenseth joins the stable at Gibbs. I look for a honeymoon period for Kenseth and will seriously contend for the title.

2. #2 Brad Keselowski- The 2012 Champion will look to defend his title. He will have to battle out Jimmie Johnson for the chance to win his second title. I think he will fall short but it will form a rivalry that NASCAR so desperately craves.

1. #48 Jimmie Johnson- It's really hard to bet against Jimmie Johnson when there is a new learning curve presented to the drivers.  The Gen 6 car is just that learning curve! I see Johnson struggle a bit at first but once it's time to get serious the #48 team will get things figured out and win their 6th championship.  

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Is Ray Lewis Super Shredder?

Sports Talk 920 Madden 13 Simulator: Super Bowl XLVII

49ers 25
Ravens 23

QTR 1:
No Scoring

QTR 2:
SF: Akers 31 yd FG (3-0)
SF: J.Smith 24 yd fumble recovery TD (10-0)
BAL: C.Williams 71 yd fumble recovery TD (10-7)
BAL: Tucker 31 yd FG (10-10)

QTR 3:
SF: L.James 3 yd TD run (17-10)
SF: A. Brooks sacks Flacco for a Saftey (19-10)
SF: Akers 31 yd FG (22-10)

QTR 4: 
BAL: Pitta 16 yd TD pass from Flacco (22-17)
SF: Akers 17 yd FG (25-17)
BAL: C. Upshaw 34 yd INT TD, two point conversion failed (25-23)

Super Bowl MVP: LB Ahmad Brooks (3 sacks and 1 saftey)