Sunday, March 31, 2013

Goody's 2013 MLB Predictions: AL Central

1. Detroit Tigers (96-66): The Tigers, too me, seem like the only real talented team coming out of the AL Central. With a very talented roster already, the addition of Torii Hunter will hope to help the defensive problems this club had one year ago.

2. Chicago White Sox (82-80): Not much has changed with the 2013 club over the last year. So in my eyes I don't see much changing in their record either, a team around .500 with not a lot of upside, but not a lot of downside that you might see in the rest of the teams in this division.

3. Kansas City Royals (80-82): Well for the Royals offensively they seem to be set with guys like Alex Gordon and Eric Hosmer. The real question for this team is pitching, they added James Shields and his careers 3.89 ERA, however I don't think it's enough for the Royals to get about .500 in 2013.

4. Cleveland Indians (77-85): With Michael Bourn, Terry Francona, and Nick Swisher in the lineup, I can only imagine that this team will be able to score some runs. However they also have a classic case of a bad pitching staff, so I don't think the Indians will win many games but I do think they will be a fun team to watch.

5. Minnesota Twins (60-102): Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau are two aging stars on a team full of prospects. The Twins are in the middle of their rebuild mode, and many of their prospects will be good some day....Just not in 2013.

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