Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Goody's 2013 MLB Predictions: NL East

1. Washington Nationals (95-67): Being one of the most talented teams in the National League, the addition of Rafael Soriano is one move that should help the bullpen that eventually was the teams downfall last season.

2. Atlanta Braves (84-78): The Braves starting rotation lacks what it did last season after the loss of Brandon Beachy, and the addition of Justin Upton seems to be a question, but the bullpen is still tough and they should still have a solid 2013.

3. Philadelphia Phillies (79-83) This team to me just feels like it hitting the end of a run. Even though they still have talent on the roster, I wonder if guys like Halladay, Hamels, and Lee can pitch as well as they did in 2011 or if their offense will get it back together after a poor season last year.

4. Miami Marlins (71-91) After the team did some major selling last season, this team fell way short of expectations....it was disastrous! This team lacks talent but at least they will have a bright spot in Giancario Stanton.

5. New York Mets (68-94) This team is just to unpredictable. Despite having Ike Davis and Johan Santana, this team is a few years away from shocking the world or making a wild card push.

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