Friday, August 23, 2013

Goody's 2013 NFL Predictions: AFC East

1. New England Patriots (10-6): The Patriots roster is a bit thinner than it has been in recent years but as long as Tom Brady stays healthy and this defense keeps creating turnovers they should have no problem winning their 5th straight division title.

2. Miami Dolphins (8-8): Adding Mike Wallace should add some punch to this up and coming team, however with the loss of Jake Long, the coming will have to wait for the 2014 season.

3. Buffalo Bills (6-10): With rookie QB EJ Manuel looking to be molded with this young and talented offense this team should be ready for playoff contention in 2014, however need to go through growing pains this year.

4. New York Jets (3-13): This team is still to much of a mess. Sanchez is terrible and frankly I still don't think that Geno Smith can be an NFL QB. Even if these quarterbacks do play at a somewhat NFL caliber, with Sanatonio Holmes out for who knows how long, they don't have anyone to throw to.

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