Saturday, August 24, 2013

Goody's 2013 NFL Predictions: NFC South

1. Atlanta Falcons (12-4): Tony Gonzalez came back for one reason, a Super Bowl run, and this team can certainly do it. The addition of Steven Jackson should shed some of the opposing defenses concentration off of the great receiving duo of Roddy White and Julio Jones.

2. New Orleans Saints (9-7): With the return of head coach Sean Payton returning after his year long suspension last year, this team should rebound. The Saints will have on the more potent offenses in the league as usual, the only worry I would have is that with DC Rob Ryan, their bad defense won't improve this year holding them back from making the post season.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-9): Josh Freeman has the talent but can he be consistent? This team has the talent on both sides of the ball, but as we seen last year, can they get in sync? The addition of Darrelle Revis might be a sign that they are moving in the right directions.

4. Carolina Panthers (6-10): I might be the only one on the planet that isn't very impressed with the skills of Cam Newton. I will agree he is a good runner, but the rest of his QB skills are just average. On the defensive side of the ball the Panthers ignored to improve the weak secondary, I don't see any improvement for this team in 2013.

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