Friday, October 25, 2013

Sports Talk 920's 2013-14 NBA Predictions: Eastern Conference

  1. Miami Heat: (60-22) Heat are still the most talented teams in the league despite the team collectively getting towards the old side. Spoelstra will probably need to rest some of his key players at some points of the season so they don't run out of gas towards the end of the season and to get them ready for the post season.
  2. Indiana Pacers: (53-29) The Pacers are going to look to stop the reign of the Heat's dominance. With a solid defense that they displayed last year, they hope to improve their offensive play with the return of Danny Granger, who missed most of last season due to injury.
  3. Chicago Bulls: (52-30) Derrick Rose is finally back! This will add some offensive fire power to a team that is pretty sound defensively. Mike Dunleavy Jr will also add some punch for the Bulls in the 3 point range. 
  4. New York Knicks: (51-31) Carmelo Anthony is coming off of his best season last year and will look to emulate to prove that the Knicks were not a fluke last season.  The downfall of this team is the attitude of Anthony and how he gets along with his new teammates.
  5. Brooklyn Nets: (51-31) The Nets mortgaged their future to win right now by trading future picks to the Celtics for Garnett, Peirce, and Terry. This also made them the oldest lineup in the NBA, so I would think this team would have a more amplified problem of running out of gas towards the end of the season. Plus I question if they can go deep in the post season with Jason Kidd as head coach. 
  6. Atlanta Hawks: (43-39) Losing Josh Smith will hurt this team that is for sure, but bringing in Paul Millsap will keep this team still plugging along. 
  7. Detroit Pistons: (41-41) Adding Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings make this team a lot more interesting going into this season, just hope they can gel right in with Monroe and Drummond. 
  8. Cleveland Cavaliers: (40-42) Kyrie Irving leads this team that has a lot of young talent, the offseason signing of Bynum should help this young team improve defensively.
  9. Toronto Raptors (36-46)
  10. Washington Wizards (34-48)
  11. Milwaukee Bucks (33-49)
  12. Boston Celtics (33-49)
  13. Charlotte Bobcats (29-53)
  14. Orlando Magic (25-57)
  15. Philadelphia 76ers (22-60)

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