Monday, December 30, 2013

Sports Talk 920's 10 Greatest Packers Games (4-1)

4. 2013 Packers vs. Bears (33-28): Some may say this game is on here way too soon, and maybe it is. In a winner take all as far as the NFC North was concerned this game did not disappoint. In a back and forth battle all game long, the Packers trailed 28-27 late in the 4th. On their final drive they converted three 4th down conversions including a TD bomb on 4th and 8 with under 40 seconds remaining to give the Packers their 3rd straight NFC North Title.

3. 2010 NFC Champ Packers vs. Bears (21-14): Right now yesterday's victory over the Bears feels pretty sweet. That doesn't even hold a candlestick to the 2010 NFC Championship game. This was only the 2nd time the longtime rivals played in the postseason, and the most important ever. It was a true team effort with the game winning TD came from BJ Raji.

2. 2010 Super Bowl XLV Packers vs. Steelers (31-25): 2010 was a year riddled with injures. After week 15 the Packers had a record of 8-6 with a shot at missing the postseason, some even wrote them off. However the Packers got to the big game and looked like they would cruise taking a 21-3 lead, however more injuries to Driver and Woodson and a surge from the Steelers let the game get close at 21-17. The Packers got 10 4th quarter points and went on to win their 4th Super Bowl.

1. 1996 Super Bowl XXXI Packers vs. Patriots (35-21): This was the Packers first Super Bowl victory in 30 years, and holds a special spot in almost every Packer fans heart who was around to witness it. After cruising to get to the Super Bowl, the Packers were locked in a back and battle until eventual Super Bowl MVP Desmond Howard ran back a kick off return 99 yards for a TD. It was their 3rd of 4 Lombardi trophies the Packers accumulated to date.

Games that just missed the cut:

  • 1980 Packers vs. Bears (12-6): Marcol turns blocked kick into game winning touchdown
  • 1994 Packers vs. Falcons (21-17): Favre runs for winning TD in final seconds
  • 1995 Packers vs. Steelers (24-19): Thigpen drops a sure TD pass to give the Pack the win.
  • 1996 Packers vs. 49ers (23-20 OT): Jacke kicks 53 yd FG in OT to win it
  • 1999 Packers vs. Raiders (28-24): Favre throws game winning TD pass with 10 secs left
  • 2000 Packers vs. Vikings (26-20 OT): "He did what!?!"
  • 2003 Packers vs. Seahawks (33-27 OT): "We want the ball and we are going to score"
  • 2009 Packers vs. Bears (21-15): Rodgers vs. Cutler first matchup
  • 2010 Packers vs. Vikings (28-24): Brett Favre's final game at Lambeau
  • 2010 Packers vs. Bears (10-3): Packers had to win to get in the postseason.

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