Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rudy's Top 10 plus 1 changes to NASCAR continued

7-"Rotating Schedule dates" This concept is pretty simple and its my way of getting more tracks and different types of tracks on the schedule every year.  Basically pick 4 dates, lets say for this example will do races 9,19,25, and 30.  Those 4 races would rotate different tracks every other year.  The 4 tracks I would rotate would be Michigan, Texas, Phoenix, and Indianapolis.   I chose Indy as I know it has historical significance however not stock car history and more importantly not only are the races terrible but the stands are empty.  Hopefully having a race scheduled there every other year would bring back the fans and it would still make it a very important date on the schedule.  Michigan and Texas I chose as tracks that don't offer very competitive racing and with there are already plenty of 1 and 1/2 mile tracks on the circuit.  The 4 tracks I would rotate would be Iowa for Phoenix, Road America for Michigan, Rockingham for Texas, and a 400 mile race at Darlington for Indy.  I would rotate Darlington in as that track has stock car racing history and the racing there is still fairly decent.  Iowa and Phoenix are both different from the same old 1 and 1/2 mile and 2 mile tracks that seem to dominate the schedule these days.  Road America gets another road course on the schedule and geographically it makes up for the loss at Michigan.  I chose Rockingham just to give that track another shot at a Cup race.  Pretty easy to do the schedule to, just make odd years one set of tracks and even years the other set.  This way we as fans get to see different tracks, possibly puts a Cup date relatively close for some fans as well.

6-More Schedule changes Here we go, Pocono and Kansas both lose a date.  Get rid of Kentucky altogether.  I would add a date for Vegas, one at the beginning of  the season and the season finale now goes to Vegas.  The other 2 races I would make for more bye weeks during the season or shorten the season by a week or two as what makes the NFL, and College Football so popular is as of right now its not over saturated and I think NASCAR is way over saturated as the season covers all but December and January.  More bye dates would give the drivers and teams more time to test and just to get away so they can refocus on the long season.  Also I would schedule "sections" of the season in close geographical areas as this would cut down on costs for teams.  For example I would schedule Daytona, and then Homestead as the first 2 races of the season.  Then we would have a west coast trip which would consist of Vegas, Phoenix, Texas, California, and Sonoma before coming back to the South East for Bristol, Martinsville, Richmond, Darlington, and Charlotte.  The summer months could be then used for the North East and the Midwest when the weather is warmer.

Just the top 5 remain and I will be posting those between now and next week before the season begins.  

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