Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sports Talk 920's Top 3 Fantasy Baseball Picks

It's that time of year again, baseball season! Many of you might be joining a fantasy baseball league for the 2014 season and wondering who you should go with if you are picking towards the top of the order in your draft. Well have no fear we broke down our top 3 fantasy picks and here they are....

1.  Mike Trout: This year the great debate will be who to take first, Trout or Cabrera. My gut feeling is to go Trout. I think the younger Trout will have more upside for the 2014 season. Yeah, Cabrera might have more power, but Trout showed last plate discipline that makes me believe he will keep that average up along with his potential power and speed, I expect a 30-30 season as well.

2. Miguel Cabrera: Cabrera had a monster season in 2013 despite tailing off towards the end of the year and into the post season due to injury, I expect more greatness in 2014. While it may be hard to repeat a .348 avg/ 44 HR/ 137 RBI season but if anyone can it’s Cabrera, he’s very consistent. The only thing I have against him is him virtually unable to steal bases. While it may be debatable if it goes 1 or 2, it would be ludicrous if you let him fall past that.

 3.  Andrew McCutchen: The 2013 NL MVP is reaching his peak years in the game, after having 3 straight 20-20 seasons, expect more of the same.  McCutchen is seeing the ball well and will look to hit over .315 for the 3rd consecutive season.  If McCutchen hasn’t hit the top of that peak in his production a 30-30 season should be in the cards for him in 2014. 

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