Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sports Talk 920's Top 3 Fantasy Baseball Picks

It's that time of year again, baseball season! Many of you might be joining a fantasy baseball league for the 2014 season and wondering who you should go with if you are picking towards the top of the order in your draft. Well have no fear we broke down our top 3 fantasy picks and here they are....

1.  Mike Trout: This year the great debate will be who to take first, Trout or Cabrera. My gut feeling is to go Trout. I think the younger Trout will have more upside for the 2014 season. Yeah, Cabrera might have more power, but Trout showed last plate discipline that makes me believe he will keep that average up along with his potential power and speed, I expect a 30-30 season as well.

2. Miguel Cabrera: Cabrera had a monster season in 2013 despite tailing off towards the end of the year and into the post season due to injury, I expect more greatness in 2014. While it may be hard to repeat a .348 avg/ 44 HR/ 137 RBI season but if anyone can it’s Cabrera, he’s very consistent. The only thing I have against him is him virtually unable to steal bases. While it may be debatable if it goes 1 or 2, it would be ludicrous if you let him fall past that.

 3.  Andrew McCutchen: The 2013 NL MVP is reaching his peak years in the game, after having 3 straight 20-20 seasons, expect more of the same.  McCutchen is seeing the ball well and will look to hit over .315 for the 3rd consecutive season.  If McCutchen hasn’t hit the top of that peak in his production a 30-30 season should be in the cards for him in 2014. 

Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em Matchups for Phoenix

Monson: #41 Kurt Busch
Big Al: #24 Jeff Gordon
Lucas: #4 Kevin Harvick
Goodsie: #15 Clint Bowyer
Jimmie: #16 Greg Biffle
Rudy: #2 Brad Keselowski
Goody Sr: #18 Kyle Busch
Flo: #48 Jimmie Johnson
Goody: #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Mrs. Rudy: #11 Denny Hamlin
Fan Pick: #20 Matt Kenseth

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em Standings after the Daytona 500

1. Monson- 53pts 1 win, 1 top five, 1 top ten (#88)
2. Big Al- 43pts 0 wins, 1 top five, 1 top ten -10pts
3. Lucas- 40pts 0 wins, 1 top five, 1 top ten -13pts
4. Goodsie- 40pts 0 wins, 1 top five, 1 top ten -13pts
5. Jimmie- 38pts 0 wins, 0 top fives, 1 top ten -15pts
6. Rudy- 36pts 0 wins, 0 top fives, 1 top ten -17pts
7. Goody Sr.- 31pts 0 wins, 0 top fives, 0 top tens -22pts
8. Flo- 24pts 0 wins, 0 top fives, 0 top tens -29pts
9. Goody- 22pts 0 wins, 0 top fives, 0 top tens -31pts
10. Mrs. Rudy- 14 pts 0 wins, 0 top fives, 0 top tens -39pts
11. Fan Pick- 9pts 0 wins, 0 top fives, 0 top tens -44pts

(#i)- Driver competitor has won with, and can no longer pick during the "Regular" season

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em Challenge Matchups for the Daytona 500

Goody's Pick:

Mrs. Rudy's Pick:

Lucas' Pick:

Big Al's Pick:

Flo's Pick:

Goodsie's Pick:

Monson's Pick:

Goody Sr's Pick:

Jimmie's Pick:

Fan Pick:

Rudy's Pick:

Goody's NASCAR Chase Bracket

Click on the image to get a larger view

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rule Changes for the Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em Challenge

  • The competitors will pick in order of the bottom of the points standings on up, if the competitor doesn't make a pick within a reasonable amount of time the next in line will be able to make their pick.
  • Mulligans have been eliminated
  • Competitors will get an extra 5 points for a win, however during the "regular" season (the first 26 races) if you pick a winner you can not pick that driver for the remainder of the regular season.
  • Since so many drivers are allowed in the Chase, during the Chase, a competitor now gets double points if they pick a driver outside the Chase and that driver finishes in the top 10. Note last year the same rules applied for a driver that was 20th or worse in the points

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rudy's Top 10 plus 1 changes to NASCAR continued

7-"Rotating Schedule dates" This concept is pretty simple and its my way of getting more tracks and different types of tracks on the schedule every year.  Basically pick 4 dates, lets say for this example will do races 9,19,25, and 30.  Those 4 races would rotate different tracks every other year.  The 4 tracks I would rotate would be Michigan, Texas, Phoenix, and Indianapolis.   I chose Indy as I know it has historical significance however not stock car history and more importantly not only are the races terrible but the stands are empty.  Hopefully having a race scheduled there every other year would bring back the fans and it would still make it a very important date on the schedule.  Michigan and Texas I chose as tracks that don't offer very competitive racing and with there are already plenty of 1 and 1/2 mile tracks on the circuit.  The 4 tracks I would rotate would be Iowa for Phoenix, Road America for Michigan, Rockingham for Texas, and a 400 mile race at Darlington for Indy.  I would rotate Darlington in as that track has stock car racing history and the racing there is still fairly decent.  Iowa and Phoenix are both different from the same old 1 and 1/2 mile and 2 mile tracks that seem to dominate the schedule these days.  Road America gets another road course on the schedule and geographically it makes up for the loss at Michigan.  I chose Rockingham just to give that track another shot at a Cup race.  Pretty easy to do the schedule to, just make odd years one set of tracks and even years the other set.  This way we as fans get to see different tracks, possibly puts a Cup date relatively close for some fans as well.

6-More Schedule changes Here we go, Pocono and Kansas both lose a date.  Get rid of Kentucky altogether.  I would add a date for Vegas, one at the beginning of  the season and the season finale now goes to Vegas.  The other 2 races I would make for more bye weeks during the season or shorten the season by a week or two as what makes the NFL, and College Football so popular is as of right now its not over saturated and I think NASCAR is way over saturated as the season covers all but December and January.  More bye dates would give the drivers and teams more time to test and just to get away so they can refocus on the long season.  Also I would schedule "sections" of the season in close geographical areas as this would cut down on costs for teams.  For example I would schedule Daytona, and then Homestead as the first 2 races of the season.  Then we would have a west coast trip which would consist of Vegas, Phoenix, Texas, California, and Sonoma before coming back to the South East for Bristol, Martinsville, Richmond, Darlington, and Charlotte.  The summer months could be then used for the North East and the Midwest when the weather is warmer.

Just the top 5 remain and I will be posting those between now and next week before the season begins.  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rudy's Top 10 plus 1 changes to make NASCAR worth following again

Well, this is my first post here on SportsTalk920 in almost 2 years and this is my proposed changes to NASCAR that I have been talking about since Jimmie Johnson hoisted his 6th trophy last November.  I am going to post the first part of my list today and continue with the list for the rest of the week.  So after being long overdue here it is:

Number 11-Move the last race of the season from Homestead to Las Vegas.  Since the awards banquet is in Las Vegas why not have the finale there as well?  Homestead will still be on the schedule just be put at a different date which I will discuss later in this list.

10-Get rid of the "Chase" concept.  I had this much higher on my list, actually at number 3 but since I'm writing this list in sections I want everyone to know that any changes I come up is with no Chase in mind.  Go back to pre-2004 when like in all other forms of stock car racing an entire season decides a champion, not 10 races, or the new ridiculous system that NASCAR came up with last week.  If you look at the Chase years only 4 men have been champions, Johnson(6), Stewart(3), Busch(1), and Brad K(1).  A few of those championships were what I consider to be flukes but since its done and over with I'm not going to argue with the past this is all about the future.  Finally since the Chase ratings and attendance are down so lets go back to what stock car and NASCAR should be about, deciding a champion based on the entire season.

These next two on the list are what I would do from a promotion point of view

9-Lower Ticket Prices.  Unfortunately for NASCAR they need to bring their fans back to the races and one way of doing that is by lowering ticket prices.  They need to make it affordable again so everyday fans like myself can go or so its affordable for a family to go to the races again.  Lately a lot of the fans that do go are the "corporate" crowd fans that honestly I'm not even sure know what they are watching.  The tracks don't need to make huge slashes but a 10-15% cut would go a long ways in bringing back fans that right now just can not afford to go.

8-Fan Giveaways.  The NBA, NHL, and mainly the MLB have offered fan giveaways over the past couple of years.  One of the hot and most cherished giveaways is the bobblehead.  Now in NASCAR a bobblehead wouldn't be the most popular giveaway but diecast cars would go over tremendously.  Every die hard NASCAR fan has some type of diecast car collection and this would be a great way for those fans to expand on that collection or to get new fans or collectors involved in that sort of thing.  It wouldn't be hard either to come up with ideas, each track could do race replica of a past winner, such as if you're Atlanta a 1992 Hooters 500 replica of Alan Kulwicki's championship would be pretty cool.  Other examples would be for Daytona a 1998 replica of Dale Earnhard'ts historic win, Charlotte a 1994 Coca Cola 600 replica of Jeff Gordon's first win, or Martinsville one of Jimmy Johnson's many wins at that track.  In addition to lowering ticket prices and offering these fan giveaways not only are you saving fans money but offering them a great collectible as well.  Finally if you are a family man bringing your kids to a race why not offer kids a free hot dog and soda, I see this at alot of baseball games and it really brings out the family to those games.  This way you are increasing traffic to concessions and if you get people to concessions chances are they will spend more money with the idea in mind that they are already saving money on tickets, the giveaway collectible, and a free meal for the kids, its a win win for everyone and really simple economics.

I will continue the post the rest of my list during the week and for a sneak peek of what I got coming changes will include what I do to fix the Nationwide series, taking power away from Brian France and Bruton Smith, and schedule changes are just a few of the things I will be talking about.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sports Talk 920 Madden 25 Simulator: Super Bowl XLVIII Seahawks vs. Broncos

Broncos 17
Seahawks 14

QTR 1:
SEA: Hauschka 43yd FG (0-3)
DEN: Moreno 5 yd TD run (7-3)

QTR 2:
DEN: D.Thomas 10 yd TD pass from Manning (14-3)
DEN: Prater 34 yd FG (17-3)

QTR 3:
No Scoring

QTR 4:
SEA: Hauschka 25 yd FG (17-6)
SEA: Baldwin 12 yd TD pass from Wilson, Lynch 2pt conversion (17-14)

Super Bowl XLVIII MVP:

Peyton Manning