Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em Matchups for Atlanta

Big Al- #31 Ryan Newman
Rudy- #11 Denny Hamlin
Goody Sr.- #18 Kyle Busch
Goodsie- #4 Kevin Harvick
Lucas- #20 Matt Kenseth
Flo- #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Goody- #24 Jeff Gordon
Mrs. Rudy- #22 Joey Logano
Monson- #99 Carl Edwards
Fan Pick- #2 Brad Keselowski
Jimmie- #48 Jimmie Johnson

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sports Talk 920 Madden 15 Simulator 2014 NFL Season Prediction

AFC North
1. Ravens 10-5-1*
2. Bengals 9-6-1
3. Browns 8-7-1
4. Steelers 3-13

AFC South
1. Texans 6-9-1*
2. Colts 6-10
3. Titans 6-10
4. Jaguars 4-12

AFC East
1. Patriots 10-6*
2. Dolphins 10-6*
3. Bills 9-7
4. Jets 7-9

AFC West
1. Broncos 14-2*
2. Chiefs 13-3*
3. Chargers 4-12
4. Raiders 3-13

NFC North
1. Packers 10-6*
2. Vikings 8-8
3. Lions 5-11
4. Bears 1-15

NFC South
1. Saints 13-3*
2. Buccaneers 10-5-1*
3. Panthers 9-7*
4. Falcons 7-8-1

NFC East
1. Cowboys 13-3*
2. Redskins 9-7
3. Eagles 9-7
4. Giants 7-9

NFC West
1. 49ers 13-3*
2. Seahawks 8-8
3. Cardinals 7-9
4. Rams 2-14

NFL Awards
MVP: Drew Brees, QB, Saints
Coach of the Year: Jason Garrett, Cowboys
AFC OPOY: Peyton Manning, QB, Broncos
NFC OPOY: Frank Gore, RB, 49ers
AFC DPOY: Robert Mathis, LB, Colts
NFC DPOY: Luke Kuechly, LB, Panthers
AFC OROY: Johnny Manziel, QB, Browns
NFC OROY: Carlos Hyde, RB, 49ers
AFC DROY: Darqueze Dennard, CB, Bengals
NFC DROY: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, S, Packers

Playoff Results:

Patriots over Dolphins 22-14
Panthers over Cowboys 26-20
Texans over Chiefs 17-10
Packers over Buccaneers 34-13

Broncos over Texans 31-3
Saints over Panthers 31-27
Patriots over Ravens 32-17
49ers over Packers 30-26

Broncos over Patriots 25-14
49ers over Saints 27-6

Super Bowl:
Broncos over 49ers 27-24

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em Standings after Bristol

1. Big Al- 796pts 2 wins, 9 top fives, 14 top tens (#2,#48)
2. Rudy- 783pts 1 win, 7 top fives, 14 top tens -13pts (#24)
3. Goody Sr.- 779pts 2 wins, 8 top fives, 13 top tens -17pts (#4,#47)
4. Goodsie- 768pts 3 wins, 8 top fives, 13 top tens -28pts (#2,#48,#88)
5. Lucas- 758pts 2 wins, 7 top fives, 13 top tens -38pts (#4,#18)
6. Flo- 754pts 3 wins, 6 top fives, 9 top tens -42pts (#24,#99)
7. Goody- 737pts 1 win, 7 top fives, 12 top tens -59pts (#88)
8. Mrs. Rudy- 717pts 2 wins, 6 top fives, 11 top tens -79pts (#2,#48)
9. Monson- 660pts 2 wins, 4 top fives, 11 top tens -136pts (#22,#88)
10. Fan Pick- 631pts 1 win, 3 top fives, 7 top tens -165pts (#99)
11. Jimmie- 609pts 0 wins, 5 top fives, 10 top tens -187pts

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Goody's 2014 NFL Playoff Predictions

Here are Goody's 2014 NFL playoff predictions. Find out who Goody thinks will be Super Bowl XLIX Champion in tonight's episode of Sports Talk 920 at 9pm CT on the Wacko Network!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em Standings after Michigan

1. Big Al- 769pts 2 wins, 9 top fives, 14 top tens (#2,#48)
2. Rudy- 751pts 1 win, 7 top fives, 14 top tens -18pts (#24)
3. Goody Sr.- 740pts 2 wins, 7 top fives, 12 top tens -29pts (#4,#47)
4. Goodsie- 731pts 3 wins, 8 top fives, 12 top tens -38pts (#2,#48,#88)
5. Goody- 728pts 1 win, 7 top fives, 12 top tens -41pts (#88)
6. Flo- 720pts 3 wins, 6 top fives, 9 top tens -49pts (#24,#99)*
7. Lucas- 716pts 2 wins, 6 top fives, 12 top tens -53pts (#4,#18)
8. Mrs. Rudy- 688pts 2 wins, 6 top fives, 11 top tens -81pts (#2,#48)
9. Monson- 608pts 1 win, 3 top fives, 10 top tens -161pts (#88)
10. Jimmie- 604pts 0 wins, 5 top fives, 10 top tens -165pts
11. Fan Pick- 597pts 1 win, 3 top fives, 6 top tens -172pts (#99)

*- Illegally picked a driver after winning with him already. Keeps credit for the win but loses all bonus points for the win.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em Matchups for Michigan

Alan- #99 Carl Edwards
Lucas- #42 Kyle Larson
Rudy- #2 Brad Keselowski
Goodsie- #5 Kasey Kahne
Goody Sr.- #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Goody- #4 Kevin Harvick
Flo- #24 Jeff Gordon
Mrs. Rudy- #22 Joey Logano
Jimmie- #20 Matt Kenseth
Monson- #48 Jimmie Johnson
Fan Pick- #27 Paul Menard

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Goody's 2014 NFL Predictions: NFC West

Seattle Seahawks (12-4): The defending Super Bowl Champs look to repeat the success that they had a year ago, being one of the most complete teams in the league. This year it may be an uphill battle for the Seahawks. Russell Wilson will have to hope Harvin stays healthy after to big weapons at WR in Rice due to retirement and Tate due to free agency. They also lose depth on the other side of the ball as well in Browner, Clemons and Bryant, however I still fully expect the Seahawks to be a very dominate team in 2014.

San Francisco 49ers (10-6): Kaepernick got his big pay day, however can he get the 49ers over the hump or will he be this generations Donovan McNabb? The Niners added Stevie Johnson from the Bills, once again adding another weapon on the offense, they also hope Gore can keep playing like he has in the past. The defense lost some key players in the secondary and with the suspension of Aldon Smith, they fell a few notches bellow their rivals...the Seattle Seahawks.

Arizona Cardinals (9-7): Last year, despite playing in the toughest division in the league, the Cardinals posted a 10-6 record and still missed the postseason. For some reason, I do feel this team is a competitive, however I think they might be like the Chiefs...a bit of an one year wonder. Maybe it's because they have Carson Palmer under center, who I just can't fully trust.

St. Louis Rams (5-11): The Rams had a pretty modest year last year posting a 7-9 record, and as I said before in the toughest division, that's a pretty decent feat. With the rest of the division not getting a whole lot weaker, I find it hard for the Rams to make a leap forward and compete with the other 3 teams in the West. And it maybe taboo to say for most, but I predict Michael Sam being more of a detraction at 7th rounder is worth.

Goody's 2014 NFL Predictions: NFC South

New Orleans Saints (11-5): Just as Manning in the game for the Broncos, as long as Drew Brees is under center for the Saints, they have a shot at winning games. The loss of Sproles and Moore might hurt them offensively, the biggest key is that offensive line protecting Brees. Rob Ryan and an improved roster on defense will look to keep creating turnovers as they did a year ago.

Carolina Panthers (9-7): Riverboat Ron made some gutsy calls last season that won him games last season while he was in the hot seat. This year I think the Panthers will fall back to earth quite a bit. Them losing Pro Bowl WR Steve Smith will put more pressure on QB Cam Newton, who Rudy and I aren't shy in saying he's a tad bit overrated. On the other hand the Panthers do still have a very stout defense that will keep them competitive.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-7): The Buccaneers made some big changes to their roster to help keep the momentum going on which they show promise at the end of 2013. With Lovie Smith as the Bucc's new head coach he hopes to see immediate results in the win column. Smith hopes to improve a defense that showed weakness last year, and we know he can build a good defense. He also hopes with addition of Josh McCown, that he can repeat a solid year that he did last year with the Bears.

Atlanta Falcons (7-9): Will the Falcons make a turnaround after only winning 4 games a year ago? I think there will be two factors will determine that. First is how will this offense perform without Tony Gonzalez? Julio Jones will be back which will help a lot but they also have a running back in Steven Jackson who should of retired a few years ago. They also need to hope they can get better pressure on the quarterback on defense, which Umenyiora hopes to improve on his 7 1/2 sacks from a year ago.

Goody's 2014 NFL Predictions: NFC North

Green Bay Packers (12-4): As we found out last season, Aaron Rodger remaining healthy is key for the Green Bay Packers. With Rodgers healthy and the running game once again becoming a factor for the offense they should still remain one of the leagues best. The big question for this team, is can the changes for their defense improve them enough to beat the Seahawks and 49ers of the league?

Chicago Bears (9-7): This isn't your dad's Chicago Bears anymore. Last year we seen a team that was strong offensively and very lack luster on defense. The Bears performed reconstructive surgery on their defense this off season in hopes of changing that. With Marshall and Jeffery at WR, expect more of the same from what we saw last year offensively from them as well.

Detroit Lions (6-10): To me the Detroit Lions are the Cowboys of the NFC North. We keep waiting for a "talented" roster to break through. Just like the Cowboys the Lions have a potent offense that can put up a ton of points, but have a QB in Matt Stafford who has show a lot of inconsistency for me to trust him. New head coach Jim Caldwell hopes to change that along with the discipline the Lions have showed in the past. However their secondary still looks too weak to contend this year.

Minnesota Vikings (5-11): Just as it was big factors for the Vikings last year, QB play and secondary play will make this team sink or swim. With the team drafting Bridgewater in this years draft they now hopefully have their QB of the future. I do think it will be a couple more season before new head coach Mike Zimmer will get this team were he wants it to be.

Goody's 2014 NFL Predictions: NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles (10-6): Was last season a fluke year for Nick Foles? Is he the real deal? Well this will be the year we will find out. The defense will have to improve significantly this season in the 2nd year of defensive coordinator Bill Davis, otherwise winning the division will mean nothing if they can't compete in the postseason. Watching Sporles and McCoy in the same offense should be fun this year though.

New York Giants (9-7): The Giants need for Eli Manning to have the exact opposite season that he did a year ago. With new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, he will try to make sure of that. The team also went on a bit of a spending spree to add some depth to their roster, especially beef up their offensive line. Which will be key for Eli Manning to turn things around in 2014.

Dallas Cowboys (7-9): I have to wonder, are there still people out there waiting for the Cowboys to break through? Well I'll tell you what...I'm done with that. We all know this team can put up points, but sometimes Romo's bads can over shadow his good. On the other side of the ball, the defense, needs to improve mightily as well and with Lee out for the year and Scandrick suspended the first 4 games of the season it's highly unlikely.

Washington Redskins (6-10): Will RGIII show that potential that he had in his rookie season or will he struggle like he did last year? With Jay Gruden named the new head coach of the Redskins and the addition of DeSean Jackson many people think RGIII will return. However as it seems like the rest of the NFC East their may not have been as much addressing on defense to really help this team push forward.

Goody's 2014 NFL Predictions: AFC West

1. Denver Broncos (12-4): How much left does Peyton Manning have left? You would have to assume anytime he is on the field the Broncos have a chance to win. The Broncos once again added big name free agents this off season, but can free agent acquisition Sanders or rookie Latimer replace Decker.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (10-6): After their hot start last season the Chiefs fell back to earth a little bit towards the end of the season. I expect more of a down to earth approach for the Chiefs this season with solid play from Alex Smith and electrifying play of Jamaal Charles, they should remain a contender for a playoff spot.

3. Oakland Raiders (7-9): After two seasons of 4-12 head coach Dennis Allen and GM Reggie McKenzie, the Raiders seem to be on the right track to move up the standings roster wise. After purging their talent over the past two season to get back to a normal cap this may be the year were we see the Raiders start digging themselves out of that black hole they have been over the past decade.

4. San Diego Chargers (5-11): The Chargers simply back into the postseason last year, however they did pick up the Wild Card win over the Bengals. This year will be a different story for them as they face a tough schedule to begin the season which will be hard for them to repeat what they did in 2013.

Goody's 2014 NFL Predictions: AFC South

1. Indianapolis Colts (12-4): Andrew Luck has been a solid QB in his first two season in the league, and I expect him to keep making that climb to an elite one someday. For the Colts to make huge strides in the postseason they need Richardson to take a stranglehold on the running game and they need the very best out of their defense after losing Mathis.

2. Tennessee Titans (7-9): The Titans desperately need QB Jake Locker to remain healthy. With Locker in the lineup they look like a team with potential, however he has missed significant time in his first two season. They also hope that Dexter McCluster adds a spark to the club as well.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-12): Well, the Jaguars don't have to worry about the lackluster QB play from Blaine Gabbert anymore and now look to groom Blake Bortles for the feature. However they did lose Jones-Drew to the Raiders, they need to hope someone can step up and take control of the running game...they hope Toby Gerhart can do just that.

4. Houston Texans (4-12): Drafting Clowney with the first overall pick added more depth to a defense that is already stacked with talent. The most important question for the Texans, is Keenum the QB of the future? Andre Johnson certainly doesn't seem to think so.

Goody's 2014 NFL Predictions: AFC North

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5): After a rocky start last year, the Steelers hope to start this season as the last one ended...on a roll. The team added some weapons for Big Ben, Moore and Heyward-Bey. The Steelers need to rely on their young front 7 to keep things rolling in 2014.

2. Baltimore Ravens (10-6): Adding Pro Bowl WR Steve Smith should add a lot of depth to the passing game. Hopefully for them, with a bigger threat through the air they can improve their run game as well. The Ravens also need to hope for one last good run out of their aged defense that help them get the ring 2 seasons ago.

3. Cincinnati Bengals (9-7): Andy Dalton is one of the biggest reasons the Bengals have been competitive and made the playoffs in the last three season, however in those playoff appearances they failed to win. I don't know if the Bengals have done enough to improve their roster to keep up with the Jones'

4. Cleveland Browns (5-11): Of course the big story out of Cleveland isn't just LeBron James, its the Browns drafting Johnny Manzel. Even though there are a lot of question marks on how his career will play out, there is still a lot of talent on this roster that shows good things are ahead for the Browns.

Goody's 2014 NFL Predictions: AFC East

1. New England Patriots (12-4): The Patriots have made some big improvements in their secondary and with the additions of Revis and Browner. The big thing is that the Pats need to remain healthy on both sides of the ball, unlike they did last year, to make a deeper run in the post season.

2. Miami Dolphins (9-7): Beefing up the offensive line addressed one of the teams biggest needs. If their new additions work out for them, Tannehill having more time in the pocket, there will be a noticable improvement for this team in 2014.

3 New York Jets (8-8): With the addition of big name free agents on offense and a slew of young talent grooming on the roster, the Jets look to keep improving after a few sub par years. The biggest thing holding the team back is the pressure the team will have of who to start at QB for the long haul of the season.

4. Buffalo Bills (6-10): The Bills went all in to get Sammy Watkins, bringing a young talented wide receiver adding a weapon for EJ Manuel. Their defense isn't to shabby either, in a few years this may be an improved team however I still think they aren't ready yet to make a move past the 3 other teams in their division.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Standings after Watkins Glen

1. Big Al- 748pts 2 wins, 9 top fives, 14 top tens (#2,#48)
2. Lucas- 715pts 2 wins, 6 top fives, 12 top tens -33pts (#4,#18)
3. Rudy- 714pts 1 win, 7 top fives, 13 top tens -34pts (#24)
4. Goodsie- 702pts 3 wins, 8 top fives, 12 top tens -46pts (#2,#48,#88)
5. Goody Sr.- 700pts 2 wins, 6 top fives, 11 top tens -48pts (#4,#47)
6. Goody- 686pts 1 win, 7 top fives, 12 top tens -62pts (#88)
7. Flo- 683pts 2 wins, 5 top fives, 8 top tens -65pts (#24,#99)
8. Mrs. Rudy- 645pts 2 wins, 5 top fives, 10 top tens -103pts (#2,#48)
9. Jimmie- 598pts 0 wins, 5 top fives, 10 top tens -150pts
10. Monson- 572pts 1 win, 3 top fives, 9 top tens -176pts (#88)
11. Fan Pick- 557pts 1 win, 3 top fives, 6 top tens -191pts (#99)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em Matchups for Watkins Glen

Big Al- #5 Kasey Kahne
Rudy- #48 Jimmie Johnson
Lucas- #99 Carl Edwards
Flo- #2 Brad Keselowski
Goodsie- #4 Kevin Harvick*
Goody Sr.- #47 AJ Allmendinger
Goody- #9 Marcos Ambrose
Mrs. Rudy- #20 Matt Kenseth
Jimmie- #24 Jeff Gordon
Monson- #18 Kyle Busch
Fan Pick- #78 Martin Truex Jr.

*-changed pick after Stewart decided to sit the event out

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em Standings after Pocono

1. Big Al- 715pts 2 wins, 9 top fives, 14 top tens (#2,#48)
2. Rudy- 697pts 1 win, 7 top fives, 13 top tens -18pts (#24)
3. Lucas- 675pts 2 wins, 5 top fives, 11 top tens -40pts (#4,#18)
4. Flo- 674pts 2 wins, 5 top fives, 8 top tens -41pts (#24,#99)
5. Goodsie- 665pts 3 wins, 8 top fives, 11 top tens -50pts (#2,#48,#88)
6. Goody Sr.- 647pts 1 win, 5 top fives, 10 top tens -68pts (#4)
7. Goody- 643pts 1 win, 6 top fives, 11 top tens -72pts (#88)
8. Mrs. Rudy- 610pts 2 wins, 5 top fives, 9 top tens -105pts (#2,#48)
9. Jimmie- 587pts 0 wins, 5 top fives, 10 top tens -128pts
10. Monson- 568pts 1 win, 3 top fives, 9 top tens -147pts (#88)
11. Fan Pick- 526pts 1 win, 3 top fives, 6 top tens -189pts (#99)

Sports Talk 920 NASCAR Pick 'Em Matchups for Pocono

Big Al- #31 Ryan Newman
Rudy- #4 Kevin Harvick
Flo- #41 Kurt Busch
Goody Sr.- #20 Matt Kenseth
Lucas- #24 Jeff Gordon
Goody- #2 Brad Keselowski
Goodsie- #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Jimmie- #48 Jimmie Johnson
Mrs. Rudy- #5 Kasey Kahne
Monson- #22 Joey Logano
Fan Pick- #99 Carl Edwards