Friday, August 21, 2015

Goody's 2015 NFL Predictions: AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals (10-6): Well not much to say about the Bengals here, they will be a solid regular season team. Andy Dalton will be mediocre, solid enough to get them to their 5th straight post season birth. The real question is can they finally break through and actually win a playoff game.

Baltimore Ravens (9-7): The Ravens are going to have a bit of a tough go of it this season. They are going through their 4th offensive coordinator in as many season, lost Smith and Daniels on offense and Ngata on defense. They seemed to have added some good additions to fill those shoes but starting 5 of the first 7 games on the road they would will have a tough time getting in sync.

Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7): The Steel Curtain is looking for some new leaders. You know its pretty thin when Ethan Hemer might make the roster this season, in spite of being their 2nd choice for DE on their practice squad last season. Them having the toughest schedule in the NFL and the suspension of Bell will make it tough for the Steelers to return to the playoffs.

Cleveland Browns (6-10): Cleveland did good in the draft focusing on big guys on the offensive and defensive front. They will get off on a hot start due to their easy schedule however with McCown and/ or Manzel as their QB's it will make their 2nd half of the season a nightmare.

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