Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Goody's 2015 NFL Predictions: NFC East

Philadelphia Eagle (10-6): It's had to predict how the Eagles will do this season, we haven't seen this many crazy offseason moves since...well Pete Carroll in Seattle back in 2012. Now that Chip Kelly is closer to getting the team where he wants it, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that the Eagles will still be contenders for the NFC East.

Dallas Cowboys (9-7): With the loss of Murray the Cowboys are now relying on the often injured Darren McFadden at RB and if they ask half of what they did out of Murray last year, McFadden will leave the field on a cart. With Hardy and McClain out early in the season the Cowboys get off on the wrong foot this season.

New York Giants (7-9): I might be the only one who thinks Beckham Jr. will tapper off a bit from all the hype he has gotten last season. Eli wants top money but doesn't prove it when he's under pressure and there are still a few question marks about their offensive line to propel them into the playoffs.

Washington Redskins (4-12): RGIII has been handed the starting spot right out of the gate even though it has been undeserved. Until Jay Gruden is allowed to run to run his offense the way he wants to, the Redskins will continue to be a crappy circus.

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