Thursday, August 20, 2015

Goody's 2015 NFL Predictions: NFC West

Seattle Seahawks (12-4): Don't expect a Super Bowl loss hangover carrying over this team for the 2015 season. With that said they may start out the season a BIT rusty, with the game vs. the Packers in week 2 settling who has home field advantage in the NFC. I think the Packers take that match up but when the Hawks get into the playoffs they will be primed for a 3rd straight Super Bowl appearance.

Arizona Cardinals (9-7): There may not be that dominate start to the season like they had last season, but the Cards are looking to stay healthy this years. Overall they will be more consistent but won't improve record wise. They will feel a bit of a hole on defense without their leader Todd Bowles.

St Louis Rams (8-8): The addition of Nick Foles only means one things for Rams fans, they will more and likely have a mediocre QB the entire season. I don't see Foles having as good of years as he did in Philly but they do have a good enough defense to keep games close. Jeff Fisher, in my mind, is one of the most overrated coaches in NFL history and the Rams figure that out after this season when they once again fail to fully break through.
San Francisco 49ers (3-13): The 49ers had a terrible offseason, and it seemed self induced by the front office. They are basically hitting the reset button and looking to rebuild. It looks like they will have to start rebuilding after this year, with a tough division, playing the AFC and NFC North this season....It's going to be a long one for them.

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