Thursday, August 4, 2016

Goody's Top 5 Brett Favre Moments

In honor of Brett Favre being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend, this is a list of Goody's top 5 favorite Favre moments. Warning, if you know Goody and his feelings of Favre during his career, this list may have some less than story book moments in them.

5. Favre's Halloween TD Scamper 1994: This one is memorable for many reasons. The throwback uniforms, the muddy conditions and it was the first time I was able to stay up and watch a complete Monday Night Football game! In this game where it was difficult to complete a simple 5 yard pass it may seem impossible for a quarterback to have a memorable moment. However Favre had a 36 yd TD scamper that seemed like it took forever, en route to the Packers 33-6 win over the Bears and the Chicago dominator was born.

4. Favre's 2007 Season: There was just so much from that season to break it down to just one moment. In a year where the Packers were suppose to be mediocre at best, we got treated to a 13-3 season and one filled with great Favre moments. From passing Marino's TD record vs. the Vikings to vintage Favre like moments with overtime walkoff TDs and Favre playing like a kid in the snow vs. the Seahawks in the Divisional playoff matchup. We got a treat in Favre's last season in a Packers uniform, if it was his last season in his career this would of been a lot higher on the list.

3. Favre's 09 NFC Championship Game: Love him or hate him, pulling for him or not, the 2009 NFC Championship was a memorable game in Favre's career. Trying to be the first QB to lead 2 teams to Super Bowl wins and stick it to Ted Thompson in the process. Favre was looking to end his career in a story book fashion, what little did he know never go to the dark side. I fully admit seeing him in purple only fueled the hate that I had for him after the summer of 08, and seeing him getting knocked around the entire game brought be great joy. The way it ended with him throwing a pick trying to lead a game winning drive was priceless. As far as him sticking it to Ted.... Favre got to the NFC Championship and swept the Packers in 09, only to be swept by the Packers the next year and see Thompson and Rodgers hold up the Lombardi Trophy at seasons end.

2. Favre leads Packers to a Super Bowl XXXI win: Desmond Howard may have been Super Bowl XXXI MVP, but in my eyes Favre did the dirty work. My favorite moment of the game was Favre's early audible and touchdown strike to Andre Rison, and afterwards Favre running towards the sideline with his helmet raised. It was then I knew the Packers were going to win this game. Seeing the Packers bring home the Lombardi home for the first time in almost 30 years was the sweetest thing too, and being only 11 at the time I didn't have to suffer through the 70s and 80s like my parents had to. Our generation had Favre.

1. Favre sours Packers to the Playoffs 1994: Going into the game the Packers were 7-7 and trying to keep their playoffs hopes alive. It was also the last game they would play at County Stadium in Milwaukee. On the final drive of the game the Packers were trailing the Falcons 14-17 when Favre scrambled for a 9-yard touchdown with 14 seconds left Sunday, giving the Packers a 21-17 victory, Besides that being such a legendary moment it was special to me because it was the last time I watched a Packers game with my Grandpa before he passed away a few months later.

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