Monday, August 22, 2016

ST920 2016 NFL Predictions: AFC East

New England Patriots (11-5): The Patriots will survive the suspension of Tom Brady and continue their dominance of the AFC East. Maybe it will create a QB controversy in 2017?

Buffalo Bills (9-7): They are looking to finally end that playoff drought and it looks like its coming soon, but as for this year they might stumble a bit during their 5 road games in a 7 game stretch, and barley miss the mark.

Miami Dolphins (8-8): Adam Gase is handed the keys to a talented roster that always seems to underachieve. With how he ran things in Chicago, I don't see too much changing with his new ball club.

New York Jets (7-9): Now that the Fitzpatrick issue finally got settled and barley missing the playoffs last year, the Jets and Fitzy put the chip all in for 2016. Too bad they are going to stumble out of the gate with the first 6 games looking to be very tough for them.


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