Wednesday, August 24, 2016

ST920 2016 NFL Predictions: AFC West

Oakland Raiders (10-6): This might finally be the year I've been waiting for the Raiders to turn things around and have a winning season for the first time in 2002. They have an easy schedule the first half of the season and need to get off to a hot start to get to the post season.

Denver Broncos (10-6): The division won't be as easy as it's been for them in the past few seasons, and their QB situation doesn't look good. That being said their defense is out for blood and will carry them to return to the post season in 2016.

Kansas City Chiefs (9-7): It was impressive when the Chiefs won 11 games straight after Charles was lost for the season. This year they can only hope to repeat that magic as they need to be on point to even have a punchers chance in this division.

San Diego Chargers (5-11): Well the years of the Chargers being contenders has come and gone, their roster isn't as talented as the rest of the division. Last year proved that they can not ride on the shoulders of the aging Rivers anymore.

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